Saturday, March 25, 2006

“Come here! But Get away!”

What would you do if you want to tell somebody who doesn’t know your language? When I was in Canada, I often used gestures to show non-Japanese people what I want to say instead of words which I don’t know in English. It works actually, but sometimes it is different from country to country.

Here is an example. In Western countries, the gesture waving your hand up and down with your palm down means “Get away!”What does this gesture mean in your country?

The gesture means “Come here” in Japan. This difference is quite surprising for Western people. Therefore, Japanese people are often misunderstood with the gesture when they call people from other countries. (Don’t be angry and go away even if you see the gesture in Japan!)

Does the gesture have different meaning in your country?


takesiurasawa said...

When you visited to Canada,what was gesture useful to anybody case?

I think to see title "Get away",that mean warning for me.

skipnkai said...

そうなんですよね~。NYに日本人の友人が遊びに来てみんなで写真撮ってて、他の友人にその日本人の子が”おいでよ~”ってしたのがまさにこのジェスチャー!”カム オン”(英語で)って言葉では言いながらジェスチャーは"あっち行って!”だから呼ばれた子は右往左往。ワケを知ってた私は大笑いさせてもらいました。

kayanon said...


I used many gestures in Van. When I speak English, I try to point things like "me" or "upstairs".

I didn't mean to name the title at all.

kayanon said...



petimama said...

hello my nane is petimama.

Lah Eve of 25th was happy.
A chorus of "itumosakawonobotteitai "was good.
In addition, I look forward to a day to be able to meet.

kayanon said...


Thank you for your first comment on my blog! I think the live was quite successful.

I also hope that we can meet again at some Hotline live, or just come and drink at Chihiro!