Monday, March 27, 2006

Feel the Live

On March 27, there was music live of my father’s band, Hotline at ski place in my hometown. The live name is “Twilight Concert 2”. The live at ski place was second time for Hotline. I supported the band as a chorus at the live. (I don’t remember when I started to join lives as a chorus, but I keep doing it still).

Most songs which were played at the live were original which my father composed by himself. Hotline played the songs with lyrics and instrumental.

Hotline has a popular number, “Itsumo Saka wo Nobotteitai (Always want to go up the slope) which is absolutely played every live. This song is very positive and gives people courage. It might be good to listen to this song when you want to decide something. (You can hear it from my father’s blog→

After Hotline performance, audiences requested one more song. Therefore, we played the popular song again.

All audiences stood up and sang the song together. They looked so happy, and so did Hotline members.

In my case, I was about to cry when I saw the people were singing along with Hotline. I felt the power of song at the moment. Also, I thought live is much much better than listening to CD. My father and I are said that the CD which is produced by my father is really nice, but we are not sure how much the ones think so. On the other hand, we can know audiences reactions directly through lives. If an audience thinks a song is nonsense, s/he would leave the place, and if an audience feels comfortable, s/he would sings the song together.

Today was not about Japan but about the impressive live, sorry. I wanted to tell you what I felt at the live.

*I added some photos of the live


Pierre-Yann said...

With my japanese skill, I was unable to found the song on your father's blog. Can you give me a direct link?

By the way, what the meaning of "Hotline"? Here, in France, we only use it for a telephone line for help or info.
For the other meaning, we say (said, cold war is finished) "téléphone rouge" (red phone).

kayanon said...


If you click the address of my dad's web, the song automatically starts
or find the wmp on the left side of the web, and click the start button.

The band, Hotline was named after a song. One of Hotline members liked a American band. In their songs, there are the song "Hotline". That song was cool according to the member. Then he named it to his band hoping his band nice future.

Pierre-Yann said...

Sorry, but it's not working. The WMP tab is empty:(

Jeremie said...

What navigator do you use pierre-yann? First I tried with mozilla and it didn't work. Then I tried with internet explorer (IE) and it worked.
And if you use IE, it probably doesn't work because an option is disabled in your navigator.

kayanon said...


Ok, I recommend you this web page probably it helps you. This is Hotline HP. You click "Discography" of the sidebar,and find "1 CD". Click the first song "1.いつも坂を昇っていたい”and you can hear it.

kayanon said...


Thank you, Jeremie. It can be true that wmp chooses some navigators. Thanks.

Pierre-Yann said...

Thanks, with IE it's working.
The song remind me the different generic from the old Adachi anime (Touch, Miyuki...). I don't know a lot about Japanese music, is it an old style (80s ?). I only heard this style in these old Adachi anime.

kayanon said...


The song is not old style different from Touch. Touch is typical song which shows 80s.

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