Sunday, March 12, 2006

God Fish, Hata-hata

Have you ever heard about Hata-hata or Buriko? Hata-hata is a prefectural fish in Akita. Every Akita people know about this fish, but I shouldn't say every Akita people like it.

Hata-hata is really sticky and strange-looking fish because it doesn’t have any scales. What the most famous about Hata-hata is its egg, Buriko. It is really big about to explode, and the taste is chewy and jelly like. It is cooked as Shotsuru nabe, Hata-hata pot, Hata-hata sushi, and broiled fish. To be honest, I don’t like Hata-hata very much, but many old Akita people love it because of its history.

According to my parents, people in my grandparents and my parents generation ate Hata-hata almost every day in winter instead of sweets since fishermen had a big catch of Hata-hata, and it was really cheep like 500 yen per one box which contained about 50 Hata-hata. However, the number of Hata-hata decreased because of too mach catch, and Hata-hata costs 500 yen for 3 at present. Therefore, old Akita people miss Hata-hata in their memory, and want to eat it even if it costs high.

In Japanese, Hata-hata is expressed in Kanji as Fish plus God, or Fish plus Thunder. Since Hata-hata gather close to beach when it thunders, people might think Hata-hata is God of fish.


Kuntry Konfession said...

wow i've never seen a fish like that, yet has no scales! interesting....(u don't need to repond, kanyanon, i'm just going back in your old archive to see what you wrote!) :-)

kayanon said...


yes, i reply to you! please check my archives. if you find grammer mistakes or something wierd sentece, let me know for me.

Anonymous said...

I know hata-hata from a hilarious episode of Patlabor.

Anonymous said...

Yep.. i knew this kind of fish from the Patlabor episode. Goto-taicho ordered Shinohara-junsa and Izumi-junsa to bring hatahata fish souvenir when they were on mission to Akita. Sadly, the fish already eaten by all the mechanics when they were bring it to Tokyo.

Just love Patlabor anime and manga. Not an ordinary anime and manga!

bonbon said...

Great article!

I am going to Akita and want to try hata hata!

Can you tell me what else I should try in Akita?


Marco Giolo said...

Very interesting! I heard about thius fish in an anime (Patlabor) so I was curiouis to know more about it... Now I want to try hata-hata very much!

marcthenarc said...

I also heard about "hata-hata" through "Patlabor". I was wondering why Cpt. Gotou was very fond of it. But after reading your description, I still wonder ... (^_^ )

marcthenarc said...

I also heard about "hata-hata" through "Patlabor". I was wondering why Cpt. Gotou was very fond of it. But after reading your description, I still wonder ... (^_^ )

Anonymous said...

I ate hata-hata (robata) for the first time. It was not much different than shishamo, just a little bit larger. I had never heard of or eaten hata-hata before and found this web page searching for it.

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