Thursday, March 23, 2006

Japanese slang “Chou”

Even though people study Japanese hard with text books, you may not be able to find Japanese slung unless you find a book about it. I will introduce you cool and exciting slung on my blog.

Today’s lesson is “Chou”. I often use this word in my daily life. In Japanese, “Chou” is written as “超” in Kanji. This basically means “to overdo things” or “to go too far.” However, “Chou” as slung is used when you want to emphasize something like the words “super” or “ultra” in English. “Chou” is used as “Chou + adjectives.” For example, “Chou Kawaii! (Super cute!)”, “Chou Oishii! (Delicious!)” and “Chou Samui (Terribly cold)”. “Chou” is really useful word to express how much you feel something. Particularly, young people from teenager to 30s use this word often. When you have a chance to talk with Japanese, try the word “Chou”.

* "Hana, Chou kirei!!"


takesiurasawa said...




kayanon said...


Why don't you try in English. It doesn't matter weather your grammar is right or not. It even would be better to comment so that other readers can understand what you think.

Juhis said...

This is good to know! chou kakkoii :p
Is it only used in some parts of Japan? because i've never heard it in movies.

Aurore (bananette) said...

that's interresting! I will try it with a japanese friend in France and after to my teachers for fun, ahahaha (^o^)/

kayanon said...


Don't worry, juhis. "Chou" is used all through Japan. I think I use it 10 times a day at least. For example, "Chou harahetta (I am starved!"). Try it when you find Japanese.

kayanon said...


Yeah, teacher would be surprised! Try "Sensei chou kakkoii!".

takesiurasawa said...

I'm sorry.I try to write comment in Engrish.

I would like your comments to my space "KATSURA's DIARY".

I'm a person who feels lonesome easily.

skipnkai said...


kayanon said...


If I afford to do it, I would. (I don't have internet line in my house, actually.)

kayanon said...


旦那さんも見てくれているんですか!(Nice to meet you, Danna-san!)


takesiurasawa said...

Don't worry to my comment.

I wait for your afford time forever.

I wish you get freedom to internet.

Anonymous said...

It's not "slung". It is slang.

Author Joshua Hoyt said...

I read somewhere that it could also be used as a girls name to mean butterfly. Is this true?

PayliTuzu said...

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Rhydon said...

I know this is really old, but I just wanted to post that Google Translate can be really funny. First, 超 wasn't shown as a possible translation for "super", so I contributed that, and it doesn't show up as valid when typing in "chou", and I was able to get 超かっこい to translate properly as "super cool", but when I put in that one more い and made the search 超かっこいい, it was translated as "wicked sick." Gave me a good laugh.

Colleen Sanchez said...

I heard of this too even asking google what butterfly in Japanese was that was one of the answers Chou besides Batafurai.