Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kids with Leather Bags

Most graduations ceremonies have finished at schools in Japan. Students who will have next school need to prepare for their new lives.

Children who will enter elementary school need the leather bag, “Randsel”. This word is Japanese English which was came from Dutch, “Ranseal” and changed into “Randsel” in Japan. “Randsel” is used like school bag to put textbooks, note, pencils, and papers in it when students go to school. You will definetly see those students in the morning in Japan.

Since it is made of leather, it costs about 40,000 yen to 50,000 yen (U.S$ 468 to $585). It seems to be expensive for children, but it may be appropriate purchase considering for being used for 6 years (children go to elementary school for 6 years in Japan).

Generally, Randsel is given to children by their grandparents. Old people find fun to give expensive Randsel to their grandchildren.

In my case, I was given Randsel by my grandmother, and so does my brother. My Randsel was red, and my brother’s was black. In my generation, the color of Randsel was certain as black Randsel is for boys and red Randsel is for girls. However, various colors of Ransel pop up today; cherry pink, blue, yellow, green, charcoal gray and so on. (

I hard Randsel is popular among femal students in America. I probably feel wired if I see women go to university having Randsel.


Juhis said...

I think you have a typo there, 50000 JPY = ~$431 :)

kayanon said...

Thank you, Juhis.

I added too much zero. Do you have school bag in your country?

juhis said...

Yes we do have, but they are just normal bags, not any expensive ones. :)

not said...

These bags aren't made out of leather. They're made out of a fake leather called Kurino. We just bought one from Yamakataya (45,130¥ ($491.00 US)). I don't think you get leather(horse) until about the 80,000¥ range.

Bill Ralens

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Jeroen said...

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