Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Omedetoh Japan!

I am so excited about WBC! I didn’t expect that Japan would go into final games and be the champion of the world baseball!!!!!

Every Japanese players did their best, and I think especially Ichiro’s motivation was special. When Japan team was beaten by Korea team, he said “this game is most humiliating game in my baseball life”. I ensured that Ichiro’s Yamato spirit has still taken root in his heart.

Ichiro is now that popular Japanese as great baseball player in the world, but do you know the meaning of his name?

“Ichiro” is devided into two Kanji; “一(ichi)” and “朗(rou)”. The name is quite old fashion considering his generation. “Ichiro” is named for first born child generally because “一” means “first”. Therefore, a boy who is born next is named “二郎”. “二” means two”. After that the thing is the same as “三郎”, “四郎”, “五郎”, “六郎”…

However, Ichiro Suzuki’s case is interestingly different. Ichiro is not first born child, he is actually second born. Nobody knows the reason why his father named like that. Probably his father already knew that Ichiro would be “first” in the world.

*I added pictures of Ichiro when I took them at Safeco field. (click the left side, flickr)


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You didn't tell what meaning has the "rou" part. My Japanese only allow me to think that it's a counter :(

By the way, don't use the numeric zoom on you camera, the quality is very bad

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I am sorry that I didn't mentioned about "朗". It means men basically, and it is often used in men's name.

Are there popular or old fashion name in your country??

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In France, most name are very old, most of them are connected to a christian saint. But some are not very used currently, being more old fashioned than other.

We have also a lot of other culture name, for the people of stranger origin.
And now, we more and more name from other country (most are english name).
Also, the fashion is more about popular TV drama.

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本当に夢のような対決ですね!次回の(といっても4年後?)WBCには是非松井選手も出てもらいたいです!(そしたら旦那さんも喜ぶかも 笑)

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How about your name? Is your name popular in France?

Jeremie said...

In France, like Pierre-yann said, since the nineties, influenced by American TV drama, it’s fashion, notably for poor educated people, to give American names to the children. For example, in the class of my little 12 years old cousin, there is a Jason, a Dylan, a Brian, a Kevin, a Kelly… It’s a bit ridiculous.

Otherwise, in 2003 the most popular names were Lucas, Theo, Thomas, Hugo, Maxime for boys and Lea, Manon, Emma, Chloe, Camille for girls.
Like you see, there are still traditional biblical names or Roman or Greek names very popular: Lucas (from Luc), Theo (from Theodore, Greek origin), Thomas (apostle of the Christ), Maxime (from Maximus, Roman origin), Lea (Biblical name), Manon (from Marianne = Marie Anne, two Biblical names), Emma (from Emmanuel, Biblical name), Chloe (from Chloris, Greek name) and Camille (from the Latin word camillus).
In fact, in 2003 all the most popular names are thousand-year-old European names ^^ (even Hugo, from an old German word: hug).

In other European countries, it’s the same thing with an adaptation of the name in each language.
For example the name Jean in French is John in English, Juan in Spanish, Joao in Portuguese, Giovanni in Italian, Johannes or Johann in German, Janos in Czech…; the name Pierre in French is Peter in English and German, Pedro in Spanish and Portuguese, Piotr in Russian, Pietro in Italian…

In fact in Europe all the language have a shared Indo-European basis (except the Basque, the Finnish, the Hungarian and the Estonian and few others languages not commonly used in Russia or Scandinavia) and a common history and culture. So it’s logical to find the same names in all European languages.

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Thank you for your explanation!

I feel that names make a circle around, and come back beyond the time. It is not only for names but also for fashion or life like metempsychosis.