Saturday, March 18, 2006

Onomatopoeic words in Japanese –Animals-

It is interesting to listen to onomatopoeic words in different languages. It depends on the of course languages and cultures in every areas. I will show you onomatopoeic words in Japanese .

Animals →English ⇔ Japanese

Dogs→ Bowwow! ⇔ Wanwan!

Cats → Meow ⇔ Nyâ 

Cattle → Moo ⇔ Mô 

Pigs → Oink ⇔ Buhibuhi   

These are standard onomatopoeic words in Japanese. Some words are similar each other, but the others are quite different like pigs.

What do you say these onomatopoeic words in your country?
*the dog on the photo is my cutie.


Pierre-Yann said...

For French:

Dog = Wouaf-Waf

Cat = Miaou

Cow = Meuh

Pig = Groin-groin

Even between european language, onomatopoeic are quite differrent

kayanon said...

Thank you, Pierre!

I think pig crying in French sounds more accurate than Japanese one. I am curious to hear onomatopoeic words in other languages!

Juhani said...


Dog = Vuh vuh
Cat = Miau
Cow = Ammuu
Pig = nofnof

kayanon said...

Thank you, Juhani.

It is intresting! The words are slilar but slightly different. I found Japanese words aren't similar to the above words.

Jeremie said...

The American dog also says "woof" and the American cat "merrow" ^^

In Spanish:
Dog: Guau
Cat: Miau
Cow: Muu
Pig: Oink

Otherwise for the French onomatopoeic, I'm agree with pierre-yann but for the dog it requires a point. In French the dog normally says "ouah ouah". The American dog influenced the French dog and now it sometimes says "ouaf ouaf" (pronounced waf waf).
The French pig also says "grouik".

And for the Japanese rooster? The English rooster says "cock-a-doodle-do", the Spanish rooster "quiquiriquí" and the French rooster "cocorico".

kayanon said...

Thank you, Jeremie.

Japanese rooster says "Koke-Kokkou". This should be pronunced clearly with your mouth open.

Aurore (bananette...) said...

and about birds? What kind of sound for japanese birds?

In french we can say : cui cui (^^')
Except one day in an ad, a bird says : pioupipipi pioupilipi... It was absolutly stupid because we could heard that it's was a man who did this sound... But I think it was in order to do some fun... maybe ^^

kayanon said...

Thank you, aurore.

Birds saying is very depends on the kind of bird. It is the same in other languages, right?

For exmple, like "piyopiyo" is crying of chicks. Japanese bush warbler which appear in spring says "Hou-hokekyou".

dinloth said...

In Poland:

Dog = hau hau

Cat = miau

Cow = muu

Pig = chrum chrum

cock = kukuryku

duck = kwa kwa

Some are similiar I guess :D

Pelg said...

In bahasa Indonesia or Indonesian language:
Dog = guk guk
Cat = meong
Cow = moo
Pig = guik guik
cock = kukuruyuk
duck = wek wek