Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Out" is "Dame"?

My morning started with WBC (World Baseball Classic) yesterday. The game Japan vs. the U.S was air on TV from 6 a.m to 9 a.m. I usually don’t watch Japanese professional baseball games, but I was glued to the television this time since it was the country vs. country game just like Olympics.

I remembered a thing about Japanese baseball after I watched the game, and I fond the details on the internet.

Baseball came from the U.S into Japan in 1873. An American teacher taught Japanese students how to play baseball. Since baseball was imported from the U.S, of course people in Japan used English words when they play baseball; “Strike”, “Ball”, Safe”, “Out”, “Time” et cetera. However, Japanese people were banned to use English words and must use Japanese instead because of a thing, the Pacific War.

At the beginning of Showua period, about 66 years ago, Baseball League of Japan announced an outline. Here is examples; “1, Abolition of splendid dress, 2, Change the letters on uniform and team names into Japanese, 3, Umpires must judge in Japanese”

Since the new announcement, teams changed their English name into Japanese like “Tigers” into “阪神軍(Hanshin-gun)” and “Eagles” into “黒鷲(Kuro-Washi)”. Also, hiding ball into fielder’s glove was prohibited since it was considered as opposing Japanese spirit.
Moreover, every baseball terms in English changed into Japanese completely. Score board changed into Kanji as well.

“Strike” ,“Hit” and “Safe”     “Yoshi(よし)!”
“Strikeout”               “Soremade(それまで)!”
“Foul”                   “Dame(だめ)“
“Out”                   “Hike(ひけ)”
“Balk”                   “Hansoku(はんそく)“
“Home in”                “Seikan(生還)“

Now, Japanese use English baseball terms. I guess people at the war period must be so confused when they play baseball and try not to use English since they were already familiar with English words. What I feel that I know this fact is that Japanese really like baseball. I think if old Japanese people wanted to oppose the U.S, it had been better not to play baseball anyway. However, old Japanese seemed that they couldn’t stop playing exciting baseball from America.

In result, Japan team lost the game against the U.S at WBC yesterday. However, I cheer Japan up with fair play.

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takesiurasawa said...

I support YOMIURI GIANTS baseball team.

I don't watch WBC,because Idon't have intarest.

But,I like ICHIRO.He is very cool!