Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Shall We Dance?

This is the title of Japanese movie, and remade by Hollywood last year. The movie was a big hit as romance comedy movie in 1996 in Japan.

As you know from the title, this movie is about a social dance. A middle-aged man has an uneventful life. He works hard everyday for his living, and has nice family. However, he feels bored at his monotonous life after his living become steady. One day, a dance classroom attracts his eyes. There was beautiful lady standing by the window. His feeling is somehow lifted, and he decides to learn a social dance at the classroom.

I’ve seen the Hollywood “Shall We Dance?” and Japanese one later. In my opinion, I prefer former movie to original one. All actors and actress in former movie perform very well, specially two main characters, Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. They are attractive in that movie. The movie closely follows the original one.

On the other hand, my friends in Canada who love to see movies prefer Japanese version. According to their comments, the original one describes real Japanese business situation or business man in Japan. People can feel delicate changing of man feeling.

I recommend this movie for people who are bored their lives. I am sure that you feel you want to start dancing after you see this movie. Shall we dance?

*Have you seen "Shall We Dance?"

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Yumi2 said...

I completely agree with you. I also watched Hollywood version and Japanese original and I thought Hollywood one is more attractive. How to say.. "sweeter". How about start dancing, Mayu? I'm really interested in learning salsa.

kayanon said...

Thank you, Yumi2.

I really felt that Hollywood stars have "華"!

You know, the picture on the ariticl was taken when I joined Salsa party in Van. I still remember a few steps. That is very hot dance, I think. I recommend you to start learning Salsa.

skipnkai said...


kayanon said...



Anonymous said...

I agree with your friends. The movie makes more sense set it Japan where, according to the opening, even dancing with one's wife is strange. I saw the American version first, and this attitude was something that I jsut couldnt understand until I saw the opening of the Japanese version explained it.

kayanon said...


It is interesting that most Japanese I know prefer Hollywood version, and my Canadian friends or people from other country like Japanese one!

Anyway, what I can surly say about this movie is there are two ways to enjoy the movie in the same story.

Dédé said...


I've just found your page and was taking a quick look around. I am really interested in Japan and Japanese culture (I am also currently learning Japanese) though it is very hard! I like it, and want to learn as much as I can.

I saw 'Shall we Dance' in the original Japanese and loved it (saw it again a few days ago), but when I saw there was a Hollywood remake, I was very angry about it, because so many people will not get to enjoy the original (or even know that there is an original version). I refuse to watch it :-).

But thank you for this page, and I will come visit again!