Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow Shoes and Three Hairs

This is Snow shoes for when people clear snow. This picture is a kind of Western snow shoes which is made of plastics.

In Japan, there is very similar snow shoes which is called "Kanjiki" (In my hometown, it is called Kyanjigi because of its dialect.)Japanese Kanjiki has ropes and need to be tied around ancles. Plastic snow shoes are likely to slip compared with Japanese one because Japanese Kanjiki is made of wood.

What is interesting thing about Kanjiki is it is written as “” in Kanji. The left side “” means “wood” (probably it is natural to think this comes from Kanjiki’s material). The right “” is “hair” in English. However, there are three “”. Therefore, this Kanji “” means the gathering of small pieces like Kanjiki needs pieces of branches to be made.


takesiurasawa said...

This report is very interesting.

Kanjiki is origin of Chinese chapacter that one wood and three hairs.

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