Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thrilling taste, "Nodoyake-Dango"

Do you know Japanese sweet, Dango? If you have read Japanese fairy tale, “Momo Taro (peach boy)”, you may know it from Kibi-Dango.Dango is a sort of rice cake, Mochi with beans jam, Anko. There are hundreds of various Dngo in Japan.

The Dango I’ve found in Yamagata is really is interesting. The name is “Nodoyake-Dango” which means “Dango burns your throat.” It looks ordinary Dango you can find it anywhere else in Japan. However, it is not! That is the most dangerous sweets in Yamagata, I think. 

There are 8 Dango in a box, and they look completely the same. However, the only 1 Dango pretends to be nice whose flavor is really thrilling, Wasabi. “Nogoyake- Dango” would be good for parties or some events.

I have of course tried the thrilling Game with my family. I picked a Dango first, and my dad, mom and brother ate each Dango together.Then, I noticed something strange in my mouth!Smell of Wasabi…I just threw it away immediately. The Dango I picked contained plenty of Wasabi in it which is obvious.I was totally deceived by Dango…My mom suggested me to have a candy whose name is “Nodoyake-Naoshi-Ame” means “candies to cure your burnt throat.” It is like a set with Nodoyake-Dango. I took the candy, and my damaged tongue got better.

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