Thursday, March 09, 2006

What to wear?

It was about this time last year. There was graduation of my university in March. I remember that I was quite happy because I was released from long English essays in a writing class.

After the last period in the collage, students seemed to have nothing to be nervous about school, but my girl friends and I had to decide a thing. That is “what to wear at the university graduation”.

There were at least two choices; pleated trousers for formal wear, Hakama in Japanese or suit. The majority of girls prefer wearing Hakama at the university graduations because it is conventional clothing among university graduation in Japan. However, I hesitated to choose Hakama for some reasons.

Commonly, people rent Hakama from Kimono shops. These shops offer the “Hakama set” for graduates, specially for women. It includes Hakama, a pair of Geta, a bag, a hair ornament, and helping people get dressed. It costs about 100,000 yen. Probably, people need to go a beauty salon for make-up and setting their hair which would cost about 5,000yen. Furthermore, graduates need dress for graduation party which is usually held after graduation ceremony. If you want to wear nice dress, it would cost at least 1,000yen.

When I considered about money, I couldn’t say that I would absolutely wear Hakama. I even wondered why I have to pay such a big money only for a short moment. I don’t think that Hakama in past is expensive, however, the quality of it is getting high in recent years since people want to make their Hakama more outstanding or beautiful. People think money is no object, and the traders offer nice expensive Hakama meeting the supply.

Boys don’t seem to have such a problem. These above things happen to only girls generally.

In result, I chose cheap course for my graduation. I decided to wear a suit for the ceremony and evening dress for the graduation party since both of clothing would be useful in the future.

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