Friday, April 14, 2006

21 leaves in the Clover

It is generally said that four-leaf clover brings good luck; however, Mr.Miyaji in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan found 21-leaf clover in his clover pot. He grows clovers in a pot.

This 20-leaf clover is of course the world record. Mr. Miyaji applied it to Guinness in England. Unfortunately, a new leaf appeared in the clover after his application, so the clover has 21 leaves now.

Current world record is 18-leaf clover which was found in Iwate prefecture, Japan.

I’ve seen 7-leaf clover which my uncle found in a tussock. He’s found 1, 2, 3 (normal), 4, 5, 6, and 7-leaf clover before.

Have you found lucky clover?


Fabi said...

WOW! 21 leafes! Thats' great!
I can't find clover with many leaves, sometimes I can find one with 4 leaves, but here in my city, the most of them have only 3.

See you and Happy Easter

kayanon said...

I am wondering if the superstition about 4-leaf clover is world common thing or not. At least, Japan has the superstition.

Chiara said...

I didn't even know that clovers with more than four leaves even exist. O_o;

kayanon said...


That's amazing to have 21-leaf clover, isn't it?
I will look grass carefully to find interesting thing like the clover when I walk!