Thursday, April 27, 2006

Let's Note in the Pouring Rain!

On April 25th, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (Panasonic) announced that new laptop "Let's note CF-Y5" will be put on the market on May 19th which doesn't break if you pour a glass of water.

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (Panasonic) sells a series of "tough book" whose selling point is the tough, and can be used even in the pouring rain.

"Let's note CF-Y5" has special features of its lightness (1490 gram) and durability.

If you should spill water on the keyboard, water will go through a drainage canal inside of the computer, and hard disc and circuit base will be protected.

" Japan popular blog "

I am not sure if this laptop is practical or not in normal life. However, this might be good for researchers who have to take date outside, like landslide or earthquake disasters.

P.S. "Laptop" is called "Note paso-com" in Japan. "Paso-com" comes from "personal computer" which is shortened and pronunced like the above. Most Japanese use the word "note paso-com" insted of "laptop".


erika said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm so happy to find the blogging person.
Wow, the article is so amazing!! I didn't know that Matushita made such a good computer. Well, I always think Japanese is really good with their hands so we can make really great computers or machines. I'm pround of that.

You went to Canadian karaoke!? What did you sing? I'm interestd in it. Maybe everything is different from Japanese one.


kayanon said...

I think so too. Japanese are so creative and innovative in any kinds of fields.

I didn't have chance to experience Karaoke in Canada, but Karaoke there is not so cheap according to my friends. Since Vancouver has plenty of Japanese, there are many Karaoke shops. A Japanese Karaoke shop had bad sound quality and small which I heard from Japanese friend.

What do you sing at Karaoke?

Masa said...

One of Vancouver's Japanese Karake is pretty bad...I prefer to go Korean Karaoke, we can sing a song with korean & Japanese Subtitles.

By the way, I don't think Matsushita provide such a nice laptop this time which you supposed to be...
PC is just machine. you should be use carefully.even it's not strong one.

keka said...

Well, there's easier way to do this..cover the inside of laptop with plastic. :P
This has been done countless times and it always works..and the cost is less than $0.10 ;)

kayanon said...

Hi, masa.
I want to ask you about sony PC "vaio". My dad's PC is vaio, and it has trouble with the heat. The PC starts to be crazy in an hour. (Sony produces such a trouble PC...)

kayanon said...

Where do you use your laptop?? My simple question...

keka said...

Sorry haha, i wrote on wrong blog..but anyway, i don't use a laptop in any special places, but that is a working solution and i've seen people using it many times.

kayanon said...

Okey. That must be the cheapest and very primitive way to protect a laptop.

(I removed a comment you wrote by mistake on my blog. Okey?)

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