Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tiring Golden Week?

Golden week is big consecutive holidays which have some national holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May in Japan.

Golden week contains Midori-no-hi (Greenery Day) on April 29th, Kenpou-kinen-bi (Constitution Memorial Day) on May 3rd, and Kodomo-no-hi (Children’s Day) on May 5th. These national holidays and Saturday and Sunday connect well, and it causes Golden week.

This year’s Golden week has started since on Saturday 29th. Unfortunately, May 1st and 2nd are Monday and Tuesday, so Golden week in this year have 5 holidays at least. On the other hand some companies or people are lucky since they have 9 holidays which is the longest Golden week in this year.

It is difficult to have long vacation except the Bon holiday period in mid-August and New Year in Japanese society. Even if you use paid vacation in Japan, it would be hard to take 2 or 3 weeks vacation.

Considering the above fact, everyone has the same holidays at the same timing in Japan. Consequently, amusement parks, movie theaters, shopping centers, sightseeing spots and wherever people have fun would be crowded badly even if you want to use your rare days calmly. Also, traffic congestion is terrible at this term in Japan. People definitely would be stuck among cars.

I am planning to go to Hanami in the middle of Akita. Although cherry blossoms are already fallen in western Japan and Tokyo area, it is good time to see cherry blossoms in northern Japan.


erika said...

I envy you that you can have a Hanami party! In Osaka, most cherry blossoms became green, it means I can't do Hanami... It must be fun for you! Enjoy Hanami☆ I heard from my overseas friends that Hanami is only in Japan so it's a really good event in Japan!

Actually, I don't like Golden week because it's no meaning for me. I only stay at home or work hard... In everywhere, there are many people!

kayanon said...

Hello, erika.

Yeah, Hanami must happen only in Japan, and even Kouyou. Japanese go to see beautiful red leaves in fall even to far place, but the action is hard to understand for people in Canada.

Do you know Kakunodate in Akita? That is sooo nice place to visit. I will take photos of cherry blossom!

Yuki said...

Here in Australia, we get lots of cherry blossom around towards this time of the year too!

I'll take some photos when I first see some!

kayanon said...

Is cherry blossom different from Japan and other countries? (I know only Japanese cherry blossom.)

If I will be able to take nice photos of cherry blossom, I will put them on my blog.

Yuki said...


I did a web search for `sakura': I got this picture. That's what I mean by cherry blossom! (is it the same there?)

kayanon said...

Hello, yuki,
The picture of cherry blossom seems be similar to Japanese one. There are of course many kinds of Sakara in Japan. I like Shidare-zakura the best!

Pierre-Yann said...

I think Hanami only exists in Japan, because you have a lot of cherry tree in parks, cities..., and generally it's a group of several trees, no?

In France, cherry tree are not common in park or even cities, but more in people's garden sometimes, and a lot in country (that's right for Alsace, I'm not sure for other region). And if 3 trees are grouped, it's a lot!

Alone, cherry tree blossom is not very impressive, I prefer peach tree for alone tree.

kayanon said...

The number of cherry blossom is really doens't matter at all. There are many one cherry blossom tree in Japan and some of them are very popular.