Friday, April 07, 2006

View of 360 km/h

On 5th April, the next-generation Shinkansen, “Fastech 360 Z” were unveiled in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

JR (Japan Railways) developed the Fastech 360 Z as mini Shinkansen which will be used in sections of Akita (which is my hometown) and Yamagata (which is next to Akita) Shinkansen.

The shape of Fastech 360 Z is quite smart. Its face is just like some kinds of animals because it has many ears which are used for when the Shinkansen stops in an emergency because of earthquakes happening.

What is the most attractive point of Fastech 360 Z is its speed. It travels 360 kilometers in an hour. This is the fastest Shinkansen in the world.

JR has test rides between Miyagi and Iwate prefectures. Practical sharing of the Fastech 360 Z with Akita Shinkansen will be possible in two years.

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*You can check the Fatech 360 Z.


Juhis said...

What about this? :)

Pierre-Yann said...

I think that the last version of Shinkasen are ugly, I prefered previous version.

About the speed, the maglev can have a commercial speed of 500km/h. And it's already in usage (German Transrapid in China).

But what is more impressive about Shinkasen, is that the railway cover a large part of Japan, not like the TGV in France :( (and also you don't have strike!)

Masa said...

Cute Shinkansen, looks like kitty^^
It's more better than current one.

But you should know that when she use her ear
("Neko-mimi" in Japanese),
it will be emergency stopping with terrible noise...almost same as airplane's one.

I hope we wouldn't see her cute style when she is ready as "Shinkansen"...^^

kayanon said...


I know this linear motor car. In the video, it says "this linear motor car recorded 581 km/h, and is approved at The Guinness Book of World Records."

kayanon said...


I think privious Shinkansen is cute, and latest one is cool.

kayanon said...


I hope the Shinkansen won't show her cute ears.

Anyway, it would be better to have such a high speed Shinkansen. Tokyo probably will be close to Akita soon!

Fabi said...

Hey Kayano!

Thanks very much for your entry into my blog today, I was quite surprised!

You've got a cool blog, I like it! The Shinkansen is really cool! Our highspeed-trains (ICE) in Germany are quite looking boring.

See you

kayanon said...


Thank you for your replay on my blog.

I also liked your blog.

Keep up with your Japanese blog!

Pierre-Yann said...

The 500 series is the more nice I think.
It don't have this flat nose.

But in fact, the 360 has two nose, here the other stream-line more beautiful, and here some explanation

kayanon said...


The above 500 series are also nice.

Most Shinkansen faces are quite similar to some animals for me, anyway.