Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yellow Dust from China 2

The cause of frequent Kousa occurrences is slight rain and high temperature in China. The desertification in northewest China develops rapidly, and it is supply source of a large amount of Kousa.

In fact, there is another aspect of the cause which is much related to Japan.

Some big Japanese companies have their factories in China and produce there to bring down costs. You can see many “made in China” products in Japan.

Japanese disposable chop sticks companies also do the same thing in China. They cut trees in China, make disposable chop sticks and sell them in Japan.

According to the research of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 57 billion disposal chop sticks are used in 2 years in Japan.

Almost 97% of disposal chopsticks of Japan rely on the import, and 99% on the inside is an import from China.

Desertification and Kousa is problem in China, but its direct cause is felling of trees.

Disposal chop sticks are used often in daily life. Restaurants in Japan of course, and people use them even at home, especially when they have guests at home and offer some food, and when they bring lunch box.

In my case, I see many used disposal chop sticks in my mother’s restaurant. It looks very waste, however, used chop sticks is never used again.

I think Japanese fastidiousness and pursuing convenient created disposal chop sticks. Moreover, it is now that necessary products in Japan.


erika said...

I came here from Mixi.

Yes, I also think there are many wasted things. You said about chopsticks. Now, I'm working at supermarket and I always feel plastic bags are very wasted things. I want to say it should be payed bags.

My blog is not so serious like you but if you have an interest, please leave a comment;-)

Pierre-Yann said...

I think that disposable chop sticks come from some habits.
Here in France, disposable cutlery are just for take away food and coffee. Normal restaurant have only classic cutlery, whased every time.
But when I go to a asian restaurant, it always feels strange if the chop sticks are not disposable. That come just from the habit of having disposable chop sticks.

kayanon said...

I agree with your idea that plastic bags should be payed. Some people seem to have their own shopping bags not to use plastic bags.

If people feel that "we pay for plastic bags", the way of thinking about plastic bags would be changed, and they would be reduced naturally.

kayanon said...


Habits could be one of the reason as you said.

In my opinion, people suck chop stick which makes me feel uncomfortable.

If people visit someone's house and have dishes, the hous host would give them disposal chop sticks usually because serving normal chop sticks which are used in family sometimes make guests feel unpleasant.