Monday, April 24, 2006

Yellow Dust from China

The other day, my parents’ cars were covered with yellow dust which is very tiny and it is almost powder like.

This yellow dust is called Kousa (黄砂) in Japanese. Kousa rises into the sky in spring and falls in northwest China mostly that is visible as a haze in Japan.

Kousa flies from China to even Japan across the Sea of Japan. In northern Japan along the Japan Sea coast tend to be effected by Kousa. However, this year, Kousa covered Tokyo for after an interval of 6 years.

My throat sometimes feels strange because of powder Kousa. Kousa is so tiny that people breathe air with Kousa which is not healthy.

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Pierre-Yann said...

From what comes this dust?
In France, it's common to have sand in the air. It also happen to have a lot of pollen in spring. Therefore, it's common to have these dust on car.

Currently, I have a lot of yellow dust on my car :(

kayanon said...

It is usual to have sand on cars, but what I want to mention here is the sand come from far China. It is really amazing that sand flies and reach to Japan. Don't you think so?

Pierre-Yann said...

Yes, but here it's also amazing, because most sand come from the Sahara desert, in north Africa. Generally, it is with the rain, but sometimes it can be just in the air. I searched a little about the subject, and apparently China sand are the more impressive, given the name to the Yellow Sea