Friday, May 26, 2006

Busy for Rice

My family and I have started to plant rice seedings.
Planting rice is called "Taue (たうえ in Hiragana and 田植え in Kanji)".

This is Taue machine.

Taueki (田植え機) in Japanese.

These are rice seedings in green-house.

Cute babies.

It took a day to finish planting rice seedings at my grandfathers rice fields.

I thought I should write and explain about Japanese farmwork, but I am too tired to write whole things... I will try to write about it later, so enjoy my photos first. See you soon!

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Fabi said...

Wow! I never saw a rice field or rice plants before!

It's really interesting to see such pictures, but it also must be hard work, I guess.

I hope, your rice will be good this year!

alex said...

I'd like to hear more about your farmwork, I'm sure it's really interesting. Recently I noticed a lot of rice planting around the Suwa and Tatsuno areas. It looks like hard work, but I appreciate it when I sit down to bowl of steaming genmai.

kayanon said...

Hi fabi,
You've never seen these kind of pics? Are there any rice filed in your country?

kayanon said...

Hi alex,
I wrote very introduction of rice as my latest post.

It does really hard work. Working in rice fileds is not easy...

Do you like farming?

gemma said...

Taue machineってかわいいw

kayanon said...


うちは3分の1農家ってところですかねぇ^^; ほとんど祖父が一人で作業しているような状態です。そんな米作りも今年で最後。私も協力して、いいお米を作りたいと思います。(田植えの写真、気に入ってもらえたようで、うれしいです!)