Thursday, May 04, 2006

Children’s Day

May 5th is a national holiday in Japan to respect children’s personality and wish their happiness. This day is called Children’s day in English and Kodomo-no-hi in Japanese.

People celebrate Kodono-no-hi by putting up carp streamers which is called Koi-nobori in Japanese (Koi means carp in English). Koi-nobori is made of papers or clothes, and shaped like carps.

Kodomo-no-hi is mainly for boys. Girls’ celebration is held on March 3rd, Hinamatsuri, it is not national holiday though.

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erika said...

Oh, Koinobori!!
My family's Koinobori was broken by window...Ouch!
I think in this day, we also eat Kasiwa-mochi? I saw a lot of Kasiwa-mochi is selling in the supermarkets.

アンド said...

Will I be in time to see these Koinobori? I'll be in Japan from 23th may...
Anything interesting happening in Japan during the period of 23th May - 14th Jun?

kayanon said...

Hello, erika,
My bro's Koinobori was given to my mom's friend...
I think people don't eat Kashiwamochi in my hometwown. My family used to set up Koinobori and have sushi on Children's day.

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, アンド.
I bet you won't be able to see Koinobori because people put away them after Children's day. (Some family might keep Koinobori swin in the air till the end of May.)

Well, it depends upon where you visit in Japan. In my hometown case, there will be Shinryoku (fresh green) festival. I guess there will be many summer festivals and events in any area of Japan.