Monday, May 08, 2006

Geographic Research in Japan

Relating to the last post (Geographic Research in America), I found the similar research in Japan version from the web page of The Association of Japanese Geographers (AJG).

AJG conducted a survey of geographic features on 25 colleges and 9 high schools in Japan.

Japanese people who can point the exact place of the U.S are 96%, India is 96.8%, and Brazil is 92.8%. These are well-know countries in Japan. North Korea is 90.3%, France is 87.8% and Vietnam is 73.6%.

In the meantime, people who can point the place of Ukraine are 43.8%, Greece is 67.9% and Iraq is 54.6%.

This survey shows that unfamiliar or faraway countries seem to be difficult to be known the places for Japanese people. Since Japan is surrounded by the ocean and not bordering on the any country, it might be a little hard to perceive the continental and boarding countries.

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For me, I still cannot point countries in Europe and Middle East with complete confidence. Furthermore, I honestly have no idea about countries in Africa (Sorry).


Ragge said...

Me too! Africa is very difficult.. But guess it's because if hear about a country there it is always a looong time until the next time I hear about it. I will also blame the media. Even though there are bigger disasters and human tragedies there, it is more interesting to cover countries with oil...
Sorry; that was a digression :-)

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, ragge. Exactly! The media has big power, but it sometimes gives people prejudiced things.

I know where Ghana and the Republic of South Africa is located for sure, but that's it!

Pierre-Yann said...

It's also because the name of countries changes in Africa. I don't know what is now the old Congo.
Same for old states of soviet: when I learned the countries, it was still a single country :(

Ragge said...

Yeah, the media is the cause of many prejudices.. so it is important always to be critical to the source.

Hehe.. I (think I) know the exact location of Egypt, South Africa, Madagascar and Marocco :-P

kayanon said...

Hello pierre-yann,
In Japan, many cities, villages and towns merged this year. That is really trouble some for people because if they hear new name of the city, they have no idea where it points...My hometown merged with several towns last year, and became city from town.

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