Monday, May 15, 2006

Haha-no-Hi market in Japan

What did you do or preset to your mother on Mother’s Day? I sent red wine to my mother, and she liked it very much.

Mother’s Day is called “Haha-no-Hi (ははのひin Hiragana, 母の日in Kanji)” in Japanese. It is on second Monday in May. Haha-no-Hi is one of the important events in Japan. Children of course present their mothers, and wives try to give nice gifts to their mother-in-low (to be nice to mother-in-low?). There is a research result that the market of Haha-no-hi became as much as 500 billion yen in 2002. The market is more than Christmas and Valentine Day.

Most gifts on Haha-no-hi are carnation in Japan. Carnation is now that the flower which stands for Haha-no-hi. Therefore, even if you cannot find nice present, choosing carnation is escape route for the present.

When I was a child, I used to give my mother some original hand-writing tickets which are for when my mother need my help, for example washing dishes, cleaning bathroom or want me to massage shoulders.

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What did you give your mother on Haha-no-hi?


Fabi said...

Hi Kayano!

The idea with the tickets, I did that when I was a small child, too ^.^.

This year (of course, mothers day is the second sunday of May here), I bought some flowers and made a card (handmade) ^^. I think she was very happy about that.


Ragge said...

Oh.. you scared me there for a second :) but remembered that Norway has mothersday on another day than the rest of the world..

But last time we had it here, I sendt a post card. Was a bit more creative when I was younger..

Yuki said...


I used to do the tickets when I was young as well! (as well as Fabi!)

This time I got her some chocolate, and three books together with my brother.

I watched a news report on 母の日 on NHKニュース7 from Japan yesterday morning! It was quite enjoyable.

See ya!

erika said...

Oh, unfortunately, I didn't do anything×D I'm bad daughter!! I went to work and only came back to my house...
Last year, I gave cacuts with some message. I think this day is important but I always feel shy to convey my feeling. Don't you feel so?

kayanon said...

Hi fabi,
I also sent my previous host mother in Canada. I couldn't send handmade card, but I send greating card on the internet in this year. She was still happy about the card.

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
When is mother's day in Norway? Do people send carnation in your country as well?

kayanon said...

Hi yuki,
Wow, tickes gifts across the border!!

You saw "news seven"? I also saw it! I remember old mothers were singing something at church to theirselves...Mothers are great!

kayanon said...

Hi erika,
I agree with you. When the time giving presents and doing something special to my parents, I become shy about the action.
I hope they understand in their hearts how I think about them . ^^

Ragge said...

Hey! Thanks for you congratulations on the big day yesterday :-D

In Norway we celebrate mothersday on the second sunday in february. Hmm.. I'm not sure if it is usual to send carnation on this day, but some might do it :) We usually send a card or serve coffee and breakfast on the bed.

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
I didn't know that mother's day is in February in Norway. How nice the breadfast service is! Okey, I will try to do it next time, I am not sure where I will be next year though.