Thursday, May 11, 2006

Japanese Slang ,Maji

Girls are talking about a Hollywood star…

A: “Johnny Depp tte maji kakkoii!
(Johnny Depp is so cool!)”
B: “Soukana? (Do you think so?)”
A: “Kare no tamenara maji shindemoii!
(I can die for him!)”
B: “Majide?? (Are you sure??)”

Today’s expression, “Maji” is used to emphasize the meaning. “Maji” has meaning of “really” in English. It sometimes used as “Maji” or “Majide”, but there is almost no difference. (You can change the above conversations from Maji into Majide or Majide into Maji.)

This slang is very similar to other emphasis expression “Chou” which I wrote before. Maji needs adjective after it (Maji + Adjectives). For example, “Maji atsui. (very hot)”, “Majide nemui (really sleepy)” or “Maji kawaii (so cute)”. The difference between “Maji” and “Chou” is that you can use only “Maji” independently when you want to ensure something, just like “really?” However, you cannot use “Chou” independently, and “Chou” always needs adjectives.

Can you make examples using “Maji” about the above photo?


Fabi said...

うみ は まじ あおい。
Is that correct?

kayanon said...

Hi fabi,
Great! You can remove "は", and it also makes sence. Good work, fabi.

This blue thing is lake actually. I took this photo when I was in Canada. That's beautul, isn't it??

Fabi said...

Cool, it was good!
Yeah, I know that this is a lake, but I didn't found the word for lake in my brain ^^".

Canada must be a really great country! I like such landscapes like this!!


kayanon said...

Yes, Canada is nature country. I love the color of this lake. Fantastic nature!

Ragge said...

wow, that is a nice scenery! Do you know if the water has such a bright blue colour because of a white sand floor? Where in Canada is it?

alex said...

I wonder if まじ has made it into the latest edition of Genius yet. It took me a while to figure out what people were saying when I first came to Japan, as I couldn't find it in any dictionary. I like the way language is always growing and changing.

bebe from Mixi said...

Oh- Maji?
I have a picture taken from the almost same place. You can see it on my Mixi's homepage.
I forgot the name of this lake, but it is not far from Lake Louise. And it takes about 1 hour from Banff by car, right?

The reason why the color of this lake is emeraldgreen is that the moutain in the picture has a special type of stone and it has the color of emeraldgreen. But it itself isn't emeraldgreen. Water from the mountain slightly shaves the stone. The shaved stones, which is very very small like dust, are mixed in this lake. So this lake has such beautiful color.

I like this Blog.
My English is not good. But sometimes I visit here for my English training(?). Hahaha.

Good Day!!

kayanon said...

Hello Alex,
Yes, language is always changing, and it shows or the generation, I think. When I was in Canada, I spent week days at language school with teachers and students, and I didn't have many chance to meet with Canadaian people. However, when I speak with young Canadian or American, I couldn't follow their speaking speed and many slangs.

kayanon said...

Hi rage,
I am not sure about the secret of beautiful color. bebe from mixi explain about it below↓(thnaks bebe).

This lake is in Rocky mountains. If my memory is correct, name of this laks is Moraine lake. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the color. I love the lake very much.

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment and explanation about the clolor of lake, bebe from mixi. I think the name is Moraine lake. People have to go up small hill to look down the lake, right?

erika said...

That's interesting slang!!
Yeah, surely we often use "Maji?". I think Kansai people often use this phrase, "Maji de?".
I'm looking forward to new Japanese slang!

foru said...

What does 「メールまじくれ!」 means then? Does it mean "Keep the mail coming!" or "The mail is seriously coming/arriving!" But the latter is a bit strange isn't it? Because くれ is plain imperative, isn't it?

Mai Lan Nguyễn Thị said...
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Mai Lan Nguyễn Thị said...

hai, hai... I just read the comment about it's mean. So great. "Maji" or "Majide" = "really" or "very", right? Arigatou gozaimashita ^^ Omoshiroi

Mai Lan Nguyễn Thị said...

About the picture? Um " Maji kirei desu ne?"

Ricardo Leon said...

Can I use Maji as a name?

Florence McCulloch said...

Hi, I'm pretty new to Japanese, I do classes at school.
かいもの まじが 大好き です。
Does this work as "I really love shopping"? if it already says 'love', can you still use 'really'? If not, is there another word (like ちょう) i can use?

Every Mann said...


Yes; this is beautiful Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies. You evidently scurried up the large rock pile at the edge of the parking area to take this wonderful photo! Were you on a Trek America trip?

Incidentally, can you say "Chou maji"...?

Thank you!

somdara said...

Can I use Maji as a name?

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