Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Narcissist Narkissos loves Narcissuses

The weather in my hometown is getting better and better, and it has 26 degrees today.
I found narcissus is in bloom, so I took some photos of narcissus in my garden. (More photos).

Narcissus is called Suisen (スイセン in Hiragana, 水仙 in Kanji) in Japanese. Especially, daffodils are called “Rappa-Suisen” in Japanese. Rappa mainly means a trumpet. Daffodils’ central part is similar to a trumpet, and they are named as Rappa-Suisen.

In the language of flowers the narcissus means conceit, selfish desire, self-love, and mystery. The word “Narcissus” is comes from the legend of Narkissos which is the origin word of the “narcissist” as well.

In Greek myths, Narcissus is a beautiful young man, and he fell in love with himself reflecting his beautiful face on the water. He was so crazy about him that he was drowned in the river, and become Narcissus.

I like the flower Narcissus. They seem to spread their petals as if they stretch themselves from long cold winter. I feel roses and orchids are much more narcissist than narcissuses! (They look they are totally confident of their perfect appearances!)

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Ragge said...

Good morning!
I agree with you on the orchids. But roses? Think they look rather innocent :-)
Nice photos by the way.

Fabi said...

Hi Kayano!
I like this flowers (I can't spell the name in English). We had them (in German they are named "Narzisse" or "Osterglocke" (easterbell) some weeks ago.

The name "Easterbell" is a little bit funny, I think, but they got that name because the flower looks like a bell and they are opening in Germany in easter-time.

We have them in yellow, yellow and orange, and white.


erika said...

Oh, beautiful! I like flowers, too☆ I have an allergy, though...
I'm interested in the myth of Greece. That's very interesting!

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
My favorite flower is baby's breath, Kasumishou in Japanese. I prefer small and soft feeling floweres.

Your web page contains lots of photos. Do you like taking photos?

Ragge said...

Yeah, Kasumishou is nice. Never thought about a favourite flower before, but think it must be "common hepatica", blåveis in Norwegian '':)

I like very much taking photos. Saving up for a new camera though. Very limitied things to do with the one I have now.
Saw you had a flickr page; You like taking photos too?

kayanon said...

Hi fabi,
The origin of the Easterbell is cute. We do have the floweres in several colars, but I like the color on my photo is best.

kayanon said...

Hi erika,
You have an allergy? Do you get hay fever? I don't get hay fever, but have allergic rhinitis through the year...

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
I am sorry I misstyped the flower name. It is not Kasumishou but Kasumisou. Hepatica is also beautiful flowers, I think.

I do like taking photos. I want to get a single -lens reflex degital camera, but it is too expensive to buy. Now, I am taking photos with normal conpact degital carema. I like taking photos of my dog, she has many faces.

Ragge said...

No problem :-) google suggested the name without the H.

You mean a mirror reflex camera? Me too, want to buy a canon 350D, but have to save alot of money. Have a Pentax ME Super. Very nice camera, but it is film and it is expensive and not easy to develop the film... Now I have a Nikon Coolpix 4200. OK, but nothing more :-P

Since I have no dog, I like to take photos of people :-)

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
Nikon produces nice cameras. I have only a degiral carema of konika minoruta because I used to sell degital camera at konika minoruta.