Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sick of May

After May sets in, Japanese people start to say like the following things. “I might be Gogatsu-byou” or “S/he is Gogatsu-byou”. People talk about Gogatsu-byou frequently in May.

Gogatsu-byou (五月病 in Kanji, ごがつびょう in Hiragana) is the depression that afflicts incoming students and employees during the first few months of new life. It is like neurotic situation which happens in May. Gogatsu means May and Byou means sick in English.

People who are serious, methodical, introverted, nervous and bashful tend to become Gogatu-byou.

Symptoms of Gogatsu-byou are for instance, you are unwilling to do something, become irritated, depressed, get tired of doing something and feeling tense in spiritual aspects. Moreover, you are easy to get tired, cannot get up in the morning, feel giddy, headache, palpitations in bodily aspects.

Gogatu-byou, its name is not a medical term and not used in hospital. Instead of Gogatsu-byou, people who have Gogatsu-byou are diagnosed as an adjustment disorder medically.

It is sometimes hard to adapt one to the new surroundings. Gogatsu-byou happens not only in May but also any time in a year, actually.

I remember I was pretty Gogatsu-byou in my school life when long vacation just like summer and winter vacations were getting to end. I feel I don’t want to go to school or work after holidays. I used to spend end of vacations with finishing homework.

Be careful, Japanese people who have been in long Golden week!

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erika said...

Gogatu-Byou...interesting story!
Until high school student, I always caught Gogatu-Byou in the new term. I really worried whether I can make friends. I think most girls tend to worry about that.
Now, I'm a college student so I don't care so much about that. I don't know how we can recover early from the sick.

kayanon said...

Hello, erika,
I actually have the same difficulty when I enter a school. People say I am not shy, but I am realy shy.

Probably, going out, enjoying one's favorite things or singing a loud at Karaoke is nice ways to recover from Gogatsu-byou. I like to sing in a bath and remove my stress ^^

Chiara said...

This is a very interesting entry, thank you! I've never heard of 五月病 before.
In Germany we'd probably call it 八月病 as school usually starts in August here. ^_^ Now that I think of it, many pupils here have the same problems, but as far as I know we have no term for that. *wonders*

kayanon said...

Hello chiara,
It is interesting that there excite 八月病 in Germany! I know how ppils feel when they think they have to go to school from long vacation. Well, I have to adjust my daily life after this Sunday!

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