Thursday, May 18, 2006

Taste of 800,000 yen

Hokkaido which is the northernmost island of Japan is famous for good seafood and abundant firm ground. People say most popular fruit in Hokkaido is melon at Yubari city. The melon at Yubari is called “Yubari melon (夕張メロン)” , and it is praiseworthy branded melon. Yubari melon is a little more expensive than other melon, but the taste is great and melon melt in your mouth as soon as you eat it.

On May 17th, there was first auction at Sapporo central wholesale market in Hokkaido. The highest price of Yubari melon in this year was 800,000 yen (U.S $ 8,000) for 2 melons. This is of course the highest price of Yubari melon in the past years. The successful bidder says he will exhibit the most expensive melon on the internet auction.

I cannot imagine how the Yubari melon tastes, and who will buy them at such a high price. In anyways, Yubari melon is great melon in Japan. I recommend you to taste it when you visit Hokkaido.

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Fabi said...

800.000Yen? I can't imagine that.
Here, common water mellons and honey mellons are the most popular, but they are only for about 2€-5€ in the shops.

I think, I never would buy a mellon for such a high price.

kayanon said...

Yeah, I realized fruits in Canada is so cheap compared with Japan! Especially, water melon costs 600 to 1000 yen in summer, but it costs about 2500 yen in this season. Everything in Japan is expensive, anyway...

Masa said...

I don't wanna buy 800,000yen mellons, either..
Otherwise, I really love Yubari-mellon. if you have a chance, why don't you go to Yubari-city for eating Mellon^^

On Aug. or Sep. , you can get nice mellon with cheaper price.
(they offer you free mellon for checking..that's point!!)

kayanon said...

Hi masa,
I absolutely want to eat Yubari melon.

Yeah, I have tasted Yubari melon in Hokkaido as a tasting. Let's go to Yubari tour someday!!


Ragge said...

I have heard that fruit is expemsive in Japan, but never thought it was that expensive...

You say you have tasted the yubari melon, but was it the same kind that was sold for 800'000?

We only have water, web and honey melon here, so I'll probably never have the chance to taste it.. :-p

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
I bet the taste of expensive yubari and tasting yubari is quite similar. The reason why the yubari melon is expensive is relating to this early season.

By the way, what is web melon?

Ragge said...

ah.. I understand :-)

Sorry, I did a bit of direct translation :-p It is in English called "netted melon"..
Looks like this and is very tasty:-)