Saturday, June 17, 2006

Class Name in Nursery

I started to work in nursery in my hometown from May. A full-time nurse is pregnant and taking maternity leave for 3 month, and I was fortunately chosen as her substitute even though I don’t have a special qualification.

Generally, people who want to be a nurse need to get a nurse qualification in Japan by going to a special school for 2 years or so. Students learn about little kids and go to real nursery a few times to experience real work.

Since the previous nurse’s pregnant was a kind of emergency, principal of the nursery that took care of me when I was a kid asked me to work in her nursery. I work as a part-time worker, but I go to the nursery Monday through Friday.

In the nursery, there are 5 classes which are divided by age. 0-1 year old baby’s class is called “Hiyoko-gumi (chick class)”, 2-3 years old is “Usagi-gumi (rabbit class)”, 4 years old class is “Koala-gumi (koala bears class)”, 5 years old class is “Panda-gumi (panda class)”, and 6 years old class is “Kirin-gumi (giraffe class). These class names are depending on each nursery. Some nurseries give the name of flowers (peach, dandelion, violet and cherry blossom) and others name birds’ name (crane, Canary, Bush warbler and robin).

In my case, my old nursery has flower names. Did your old nursery have different class name?


Fabi said...

Wow cool! My mother works as kindergarten teacher in a kindergarten too! To send children into a kindergarten is voluntarily in Germany. When childrens are 6 years, they leave it and go to school.

In my mothers nursery, they don't have class names, because its only a small one and all children are in the same class.

The nursery I was didn't had class names, too. They only seperated in 1st-floor and ground-floor.

But in some nurserys in Germany, they also have names for their classes. The names of your nursery sounds cool! I also saw an anime (Shinchan) and they had class-names, too. Like "sunflower"-class and so on.


kayanon said...

your mom works in kindergarten! She must have fun to be with little kids, right?

Bacially, class name starts with smal or baby like animals or flowers, and end with big or older ones. In my nursery, youngest class was "peach" and oldest class was "Cherry blossom".

skipnkai said...


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soursop said...

i found your blog about japan just today, and i really like the way you describe various things.. i will be coming here again sometimes ^_^ thanks for sharing them with us the readers..!

in indonesia, during my kindergarten time, the classes are called "Grade 0 - small, Grade 0 - big". primary school starts from grade 1, hence the name grade 0 for kindergarten.. but we don't have specific names for the classes... only 1,2,3... or A,B,C...

Pierre-Yann said...

In France also, we don't have name for classes, just 1, 2 and 3.
But I don't really remember it, and maybe it changed since.

Here, the kindergarten is part of the school system, even if not a lot are teached (just manual activities : drawing, cooking...)

kayanon said...

Hajimemashite! and thank you for your comment, soursop!

In my old junior high school which was already closed had 3 class names, 松・竹・梅(pine, bamboo, plum). These name are quite old fashion, and current junior use A, B, C instead.

Yes, please come here and share your idea! Thank you again.

kayanon said...

Since I didn't go to kindergarten but nursery, I don't know what little kids do in kindergarten in Japan exactly. However, kindergarten is more "study" than nursery, in my image. Meanwhile, nursery is like a place to leave children until their parents pick thme up.

Ragge said...

Congrats with your new job!

kayanon said...

Thank you! I have good time with little kids!

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