Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Frightening Murder Case in Akita

The murder case happened in Fujisato, Akita beginning of April. 9 year-old girl, Ayaka Hatayama was drowned at the river. Police concluded her death as accident, but her mother doubts the judge because she knows that Ayaka doesn’t like water, and it is unusual that Ayaka approached to river by herself. Ayaka’s mother started to distribute fliers which has Ayaka’s picture on it, and the papers say “tell me whatever you know about my child”.

After 38 days since the accident, 7-year old boy, Gohken Yoneyama was murdered by someone at the same town, Fujisato. He was found at the same river where Ayaka was drowned. According to the result of court-ordered autopsy, Gohken’s neck was wringed by something like rope and he choked to death.

This two children death in the same town within 2 month terrified Japan. The reason is that Ayaka and Gohken had good relationship and they played frequently in a park near their house. Moreover, their house is next of one. They are neighbors but one.

Fujisato is located in north Akita (I live in south Akita), and is very famous for Shirakami mountainous region which is resisted as World Heritage. It is very small, quiet and peaceful town. When these things happened, everyone in Japan was astonished at the countryside murder case, and people started to think that the two children death might be related.

The culprit wasn't found for 18 days. However, the murder was revealed the day before yesterday. That was Ayaka’s mother, Suzuka.

Suzuka admired the fact she left Gohken’s body near river, but she says she didn’t kill him. Police haven’t found Suzuka’s motive yet, and they try to search the relation between Gohken and Ayaka's case.

There is a proverb, “Life is stranger than fiction”. This children death surely stands for the proverb which terrifies people in Japan. This murder case hasn’t finished yet, and I just hope the same things won’t happen in the future.

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Ragge said...

So Suzuka killed both her daughter and that little boy??

Agree that life can be stranger than fiction, or crueler than fiction...

erika said...

I didn't know it happened in Akita. So you were afraid until the murder was found?
Recently, many children were killed by murder or child abuse or something like that. It's really strange and I'm embaressed. Actually, we see a lot of events everyday so I can't remember all of them. It's really sad thing.
Why people can do such cruel things for children? I can't understand....

Sue said...

I quite agree you.

I understood deeply the inside of this murder case thanks to your posting.

Piccola said...

Usually a mother's love is so strong that she would not do such a thing to her own child.

I wonder what the motive was for killing her own daughter and the little boy.

skipnkai said...


kayanon said...

Hi ragge,
Yesterday, Suzuka admired that she killed 7-year old boy, Gohken. Police haven't found if two children death is related or not. However, people doubt Suzuka might kill her daughter as well,,,

kayanon said...

Hi erika,
I cannot understand the murder's feeling. This event was quite shocking for people in Akita because Fujisato is such a peaceful town.

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, sue. This murder case is quite impressive for me, and I dicided to post although it givis bad images of my hometown.

kayanon said...

Hi piccola,
I will write up-date things about this murder case later, and you will know her motive which she commented today.

kayanon said...


Chris said...

Maybe her motive was to discredit the Police and Judicial system. They originally said it was an accident even though she knew it was not.

It's also possible she is lying. Perhaps the girl was murdered by someone else, but the police ruled it was an accident. So the mother said she was the murderer to discredit the police's bad decision?

So many possiblities.

I've always admired japan for its low crime rate, but it seems the crimes i hear about are always the worst kinds! A lot of violence against children in japan. =(

kayanon said...


Yeah, Japan is no more safe country as it before. It can be that she is lying. Police need to take action more carefully.

By the way, could you tell me your e-mail address. I cannot invite you to mixi without e-mail address.

Anonymous said...

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