Saturday, June 10, 2006

Her Motive –what she thought—

The murder case which Gohken Yoneyama was killed in Fujisato, Akita, has been developing gradually. The murder, Suzuka Hatakeyama who is a neighbor but one of Gohken testify her motive.

The details are like this…

Suzuka was in her house looking at the out of window, and she found Gohken who was coming back from an elementary school. Suzuka called Gohken to come in her house. Since Gohken and Suzuka’s daughter, Ayaka was close friend, Gohken didn’t hesitate to enter Suzuka’s house. Suzuka said “I want you to have Ayaka’s favorite things as Ayaka’s memorial things because you were such a nice friend of her”. She handed Pokemon cards which is very popular among little kids to Gohken. During the conversation with little Gohken, Ayaka thought Gohken is similar to Ayaka, but she thought why Ayaka isn’t here and other kids are fine. Suzuka felt so painful at the moment, and the things happened. Suzuka put on work gloves and hold a string which is used for when women wear kimono (150 cm length and 3 cm width). Gohken looked back at Suzuka but she throttled Gohken’s neck resolutely. Gohken and Suzuka fell down on the floor, and she noticed she had done dreadful thing to Gohken. Suzuka started to be scared, so she rolled Gohken’s body with plastic cloth and left it in the bush near the river.

Suzuka commented like this “I did cruel things to Gohken nevertheless, I know how sad to loose a child. Don’t have a grudge against my family, but me. I want to pray for dead Gohken.”

Day after day, media broadcasts this murder case in Japan. This murder case is like a fiction or even beyond it, and media are jumping at this fiction-like event. TV broadcast Suzuka’s face everyday, and they are trying to find her background and personality just like detectives do.

According to some media, Suzuka divorced with her husband right after Ayaka’s birth, and she started to live with her little daughter. Suzuka changed her job many times in her life and she used to work as a prostitute for a short time according to a magazine. She didn’t take good care of Ayaka. She didn’t feed Ayaka properly and school lunch was only nourished food for Ayaka. Neighbors have watched Suzuka’s strange action many times, for example whenever a man visit Suzuka’s house (man coming to the house is always different), she let Ayaka out of her house and the little girl was alone at outside.

Even though her motive was revealed, there are still some suspects about it. Suzuka testified she didn’t kill Gohken intentionally. However it is unusual that there are work gloves and a string beforehand, and her action when she killed Gohken was so calm as she put shose on Gohken's foot when she carry his body from her house. Moreover, Suzuka’s daughter, Ayaka’s death might be related to Gohken’s case. People doubt Suzuka might have killed her daughter as well.

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I feel devastated whenever I see Suzuka’s face on TV. I have no notion why she did such a cruel thing to a little boy. At the same time, I feel very sorry for Gohken’s bereaved family. They must be shocked at the murder by their close neighbor. Furthermore, even if they want to avoid remembering the Gohken’s death, media or teams of news reporters come to their house and they are forced to see the murder’s face on TV everyday. As a person who lives in the same prefecture, I ashamed of this murder case and either do people in Akita. Image from media is very strong, and stuck image on people’s brain won’t be easily wiped away even if time passed. I think the number of people or sightseers who visit Akita will decrease this year because of the murder case. However, I like my beautiful hometown and I want people all over the world to visit Akita. It will take time to recover from shocking event, but I hope there will be peaceful time again in Fujisato.


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