Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Song for You

I changed song on my blog today. The title of song is “Midnight City”.

This song was composed by my father. He belongs to a music band “Hotline” and he composed this song for the band. My father imaged the figure of dancing woman in a club at midnight.

I am not sure if this song fits with my blog, but I like this rhythmical song anyway.

If you want to listen more, you can find some songs from this address.

Here is my father’s blog

This is official Hotline homepage.

Academics Blog Top Sites

*I should have explained about the previous song on my blog. The song, “Grandia” was also composed by my father. (I will attach only his original songs on my blog because I want people all over the world to listen my father’s compositions.)


Fabi said...

Hi Kayano,

I don't know, but the song don't want to play at my computer. Is there any other way to play the song (I can't understand the other Homepage and your fathers blog, sorry). But I think, the song would be great like the last one!

kayanon said...

hi fabi,
i am glad that you liked this song very much. i actually told my dad your comment, and he was quite impressed. Thanks fabi☆