Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hi everyone who read this message.

Some of you may think something is wrong with my blog because I don't post new article. I am really sorry about that.

I have hectic days since last weekend.

I was thinking that I could renew my blog on Sunday after my English speaking test. However, my great grand father passed away on Saturday morning.

My great grand father died at 92. It is generally considered as longevity died at 92, but it was still sad to see his silent and pale face. There will be a funeral tomorrow.

I feel sorry for readers, but I will update my blog after things are settled.


Pierre-Yann said...

I don't think anybody will blame you for not updating your blog, even for less important matter than the one you have currently.

You do this voluntarily, and it's always very interesting, with a lot of informations, so we cannot expect that you post regulary, like some paid service.

Death of know people is always hard, even if the person was far, at least, it remind us that the life has always an end, somethingh that most people don't want to think on too much.

I don't to say it correctlwy in English, I translated from french: All my condolence
In clear, i'm sorry for you

Piccola said...

I'm sorry to hear about the death of your grandfather, I send my condolences to you and your family on your lost of him. Please take care.

HowMuchAtYourPlace said...

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スロ / Bernat said...

You don't have to apologize, your life is not your blog.
If you don't post, you don't post ;)

I'm really sorry for your great grand father.
92 years are a lot, he should have enjoyed his life.

gemma said...


kayanon said...

thank you for your consolation,pierre-yann.

I know I was a too Japanese, and want to sorry for people. I recovered from the fact of my great-grandfather's death.

thank you for your words from french.

kayanon said...

the funeral of my great-grandfather has done. I just hope he sleep peacefully in heaven. thank you, piccola.

kayanon said...

i recovered from my great-grandfather's death. However, bad things came to me again on his funeral day. My auncle's dog that lived 17 years died. That was such a big shock for me because I loved the dog, and we spend time a lot together. i don't want to hear such a things anymore...

thank you for your comment, スロ.

kayanon said...






ross said...

I just read your blog for today, very sorry to hear your news. Thank you for taking the time to write me today, if I had checked your blog first, I would have waited until a later time. My sympathies to you and your family.

alex said...

I'm so very sorry to hear such sad news. It is doubly cruel that the dog you loved so much died on the day of the funeral.

Please take good care of yourself and your family. Everyone enjoys reading your blog; but as others have said, you never need to apologise for not updating it.

Best wishes.

kayanon said...

Hi ross,
it's ok, ross. it didn't take long time to write message. i am glad that you could comment on this blog first time!

kayanon said...

yes, i had two bad things at the same day...Since the dog and his family live in Akita city, I haven't been to their house since his deathe. I plan to go there and pray for him next month.

gemma said...


kayanon said...


soursop said...
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soursop said...

my condolescence to your family. i hope your great grandfather and your dog rest in peace, and the memory of them remains good as always and motivates you more in your life.

kayanon said...

Thank you, soursop. I will keep your kind words in mind.

Kuntry Konfession said...

never mind the readers. my heart and soul goes to your family with the passing of your grandfather. he must have so many stories -living such a long life!

kayanon said...

kuntry konfession>
Thank you. I think he died in peace.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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