Saturday, July 01, 2006

Get Through Japanese Summer with This!

As summer is coming in Japan, climate here is getting hot and humid. Since Japan is consisted of some islands and surrounded by ocean, air is moisture-laden and it makes people feel hot even if degree is not high.

What is good to eat when you are hot is Hiyashi-chuka in Japan. Hiyashi-chuka (冷やし中華、ひやしちゅうか) is one of the represent summer dish which is noodles served cold in a bowl with bits of meat and vegetables. Hiyashi means cold and Chuka means China (because noodles come from China). As temperature is getting high, you can see the sign “we began to serve Hiyashi-chuka” at many restaurants, and it makes Japanese people feel want to have cool and tasty dish. These are a kind of summer things Japanese.

Here is an example of Hiyashi-chuka which is served in my mother’s restaurant.

Noodles are boiled first, and cooled quickly with water. As you can see from the photo, display above the noodles is important. Following my mother’s way, she uses tomato, chopped cucumber, seaweed, seasoned jellyfish, roasted pork fillet (called Chah-shu, チャーシュー), chopped Tamagoyaki which is a sweetened and soy-flavored omelet, and Benishouga which is pickled ginger tinted with red food dye. People eat this dish putting soy-based sauce, and some people prefer Japanese mustard with the dish. The top display very depends on every family. People sometimes put melon or water melon on the top; I don’t like that way to eat Hiyashi-chuka though.

Hiyashi-chuka is very nutritious dish for people who are tired of hot weather. Besides, it cools your hot body and you can taste it very deliciously! To over come hot summer in Japan, Hiyashi-chuka will help you.


IZ Reloaded said...


Fabi said...

It looks good! I wanna try! Here in Germany, people always eat ice-cream or fresh fruits like water melon and mango to calmn down when it's hot.

Masa said...

Hiyashi-Chuka, I like it!
And some Japanese believe it's come from China but actually it's not...if you have a chance to go China, you won't to find it.
Cause it's a kind of Japanese food anyway(^^)/

kayanon said...

yeah, that's what i thought too! or even Ramen is very different from China, right? Ramen in Japan is completely Japanese style and new dish!

soursop said...

wow, it looks delicious..! i hope to taste it one day..

talking about chinese cold dish, it's indeed somewhat similar to hiyashi-chuka. in chinese wedding banquet in singapore and indonesia, chinese cold dish is usually served first as the appetizer. the dish consists of century egg, ham, boiled prawn, pork, cucumber, etc (all boiled or raw items) put nicely on a big plate with some decoration of celery, lettuce, etc. it's eaten with mustard or mayonnaise, cold. well maybe the dish itself is served differently at different places, including in china itself. the name in chinese is "Len Pang" (literal meaning: cold dish).

but hm... as to whether hiyashi-chuka originates from china or not, that i don't know! :)
but i do like the chinese cold dish, and so i look forward to trying japanese hiyashi-chuka! ^O^

soursop said...

冷盤 (len pan) -> chinese cold dish

is it the same writing in japanese? :) just searching for the info of this dish for my own interest..

kayanon said...

we don't use the word, 冷盤 in Japan, I can somehow figure out the meaning though.

I think Hiyashi-chuka is Japanese food as Masa commented above. However, some people may still believe it comes from China because of its name.

Piccola said...

Hiyashi-Chuka looks delicious. It reminds me of cha soba. Because you dip the noodles in soya sauce and it's served cold too.

kayanon said...

Yes, Hiyashi-chuka is delicious dish, and I've just eaten it!! I like chasoba with jinger and wasabi. that is a kind of very Japanese way to have it. if you have a chance, try it!!

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