Friday, July 28, 2006

Summer and Winter

Answering to ragge's request and relating to below post, "The highest Temperature in Japan", I introduce my old post on February 26th, 2006 from my old blog.

Having much snow causes many problems. It can be traffic accidents, burst in the water pipes because of the freeze, injury while one is clearing snow on the roof. There is one more thing that obstructs people’s lives relating to much snow. That is jamming.

Thick snow walls which surround people’s houses shut the radio waves. Therefore, it would be hard to listen to radios because of the noise interruption. Moreover, the inside of a house would turn to be the outside of a mobile phone’s service area, so the first floor is worst place for cell phones to be used. I have found a few places where the mobile phones can receive waves on the first floor. Then, if I want to send e-mails to my friends on the floor, I need to move the good points in my house.

Tiny snowflakes accumulate slowly on the ground, and it makes huge snow mountains. The power of nature is immeasurable.

Here is difference between winter picture and picture in summer in my hometown.


soursop said...

wow...nice contrast pictures! it's amazing to see how seasons do wonders to it! (and i've never experienced snow before, so the winter picture looks so nice!)

kayanon said...

snow is really troublesome for peopoe live in northern Japan as I wrote on the post. Houses are easily crack down if people don't clear snow on the roof.

ross said...

wow we get some snow here in the winter, but nothing like that! 余分! and for our hot summers, in the other post, yes we do not have the humidity here like you do, or else no one could stand it long.

Ragge said...

Yeah! Very nice contrast!

Never thought that snow interferred so much with the cellphone signals, and that you had so much snow!

Is that your house?

Have a nice weekend!

kayanon said...

The snow on the photo is terrible, isn't it?! People fed up with clearing snow every day...

kayanon said...

Yes, that is my house. I can go up to the roof by foot easily in winter. You know, photo of winter was taken higher place than summer one. I think I took the photo at 2 meter high from ground.

Ragge said...

Cool! Do you do alot of cross-country skiing in the winter?

Actually I could have taken it for being a place in Norway :-p Except for the rice fields on both side of the road. (is it rice fields?)

Nice dog by the way :-D

Piccola said...

Still i would love in live in a country with four seasons. :D Summer all year long is boring.

Kuntry Konfession said...

building igloos and snow sculpturse is a must and it would look SO cool! the activity will warm you up not just physically. i wish it was snowing so i can build me a castle!
like they say: when life gives you lemon, make lemonade! hahahaha!

kayanon said...

I don't go skiing very much. Or I should say I don't like sking... Since I had ski classes in elementary school, junior high school and high school, I am a kind of fed up with it. I didn't go skiing last year, actually.

Thanks about my dog! Well, I should put her photos in big size. She looks like a German shepherd. I will put her photos someday soon!

kayanon said...

Yeah, having four seasons is nice. it sometimes good to change people's feeling. I used to envy countries which has only hot weather because people don't have to buy or change into summer to winter or winter to summer cloths.

kayanon said...

kuntry konfession>
Yeah, there is similar to igloos in Japan. The name is Kamakura. I will put Kamakura photo later!

rdl said...

The snow looks good in the middle of this heatwave. Thanks for stopping by my new poetry blog and for the nice compliment.

kayanon said...

Hi rdl,
Thank you for your comment!

Yeah, difenetly snow looks good for hot season.

I will visit your blog sometimes!

kieran said...

Hello Kayanon

Do you why Japanese houses' roofs are so flat? Why is your house roof so flat? I can't figure it out. In snow country you would expect steep pitched roofs so the snow falls off - and there are some on old houses in Japan (like in the famous houses of shirakawa-go).
I remember watching on the news last December (when there was a very heavy snowfall) reports of all these old people dying by falling from roofs while clearing snow.
The roofs should be steep!

Anonymous said...
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