Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hotline Live in Yashima

On July 29th, there was a festival about a road race in Yashima, Akita. This road race is famous now that thousands people come to Yashima to join it. My father was asked to compose an image song of this road race 2 years ago, and he composed nice song for the annual festival.

The road race was 20th anniversary in this year. My father’s band, Hotline appeared this event and played the theme song, “天空への挑戦者たち (“Challengers for the Sky” if I translate the Japanese title into English).” You can listen to the song from below music bar.

Hotline played 9 songs in the festival, and I helped the band as a chorus who was luck of tense. I took some videos using my digital camera on the stage.


Ragge said...

Nice movie!
Couldn't hear any sound though. Blogs are banned on my company's network :-p, so I have to watch it through a external terminal server, but that doesn't transfer sound...

Did you participate in the race?
Or is it just for professionals?

Francis said...

I think u have a great blog.

When u said festival and race i thot it was old school races never expected to hear Jazz music etc ......... well done to your dad's band :)

You can msn with me at if you like.

Cheers dear


gemma said...


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soursop said...

nice music! i imagine the live music in an open air night would be soo good!! thanks for sharing, kayanon! ^^

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,


I didn't participate in the race. People from amature to professinals can join the race. This race is quite hard because racers have to go up and down a mountain. I am sure I would give up soon if i join the race...

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, francis.

I enjoyed the festival very much.

kayanon said...



kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment and compliment, Jav.

I didn't know this site. I will try to find its use way later!

kayanon said...


That's right. Singing in the open air is cool, I couldn't see audiences because of strong lights thouhg.

I will try to put more good quality video soon!

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Piccola said...

the background song that is played in your blog is by your father too? I think it's really nice.

Anonymous said...
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kayanon said...

Yes, the BGM is composed by my dad. I am glad that you liked it! I think it sounds like old Japanese.