Tuesday, August 08, 2006

How Do You Stop Shakkuri?

I had Shakkuri on the other day which was really troublesome and took a long time to stop it. It is funny to see people have Shakkuri, but it is troublesome once you get it.

Shakkuri (しゃっくりin Hiragana) happens due to inflammation of the diaphragm, and it is called “Hiccup” in English. The name, Shakkuri comes from its sound when you have it, and it could be said in hiccup as well.

Since Shakkuri happens without people’s intention, it is annoying and cannot be stopped even if you try to stop.

In Japan, there is a popular account that if you have 100 times Shakkuri, you will die. This is totally untrue, but especially children tease each other by saying it.

There are some traditional ways to stop Shakkuri in Japan. Surprising someone who has Shakkuri, for instance is most well-known way to stop Shakkuri. Stopping breath for 30 seconds or 1 minute is also orthodox way to struggle with Shakkuri.

I am sure Shakkuri must have various saying or legend all over the world. I would like to know traditional or effective methods to stop Shakkuri. Can you tell me Shakkuri situation in your country, and how do you call Shakkuri in your language?


yondaime_m22 said...

In my country we call it 'sedu'.There is a way that i know to stop Shakkuri and that is drinking a lot of water.The Shakkuri will stop in a few moments.

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, yondaime_m22.

Yeah, drinking water is possible.

Here is a famous way to stop shakkui by drinking water in Japan.

You can find a picture.

Pierre-Yann said...

The surprise method is also know in France.
But the normal method is to swallow saliva
Some collegue have it for severals day, so he search on internet others methods. He found on very funny: Think of 3 bald persons. Didn't work.

Ragge said...

Yeah, drinking a large glas of cold water in one go is definately the most efficient way to stop shakkuri. When I was a little kid my friend always told me that the best way was to drink the glas of water upside down. Which of course only led to much water in my nose and no curing of the shakkuri...

soursop said...

interestingly, i have a special word to communicate the word "hiccup" at my own home with my family (not to be mentioned here ^^;). but for what i know, the indonesian word for "hiccup" will be "cegukan" (チェグカン)

to stop the hiccup? drink lots of (preferably warm) water. it works quite well for me. but a friend taught me a phrase in chinese, "have you eaten till full today?" to say once we're hiccupping. incidentally, it seemed to work several times! *unbelievable*

kayanon said...

Hi pierre-yann,

Hahaha, thinking of 3 bald people? Yeah, the method sounds like nobody cannot stop Shakkuri. Thanks for funny post.

kayanon said...

Hi ragge,

Yeah, the method is considred as effective way in Japan as well, but it would be more troblesome if you cannot do that in appropriate way.

kayanon said...

Hi soursop,

Hum, "cegukan" seems to come from Shakkuri sound, doesn't it?

I want to know how to say "have you eaten till full today?" in Chinese. Could you write the words in Chinese, and English if possible?

soursop said...

now that you mentioned it, "cegukan" indeed sounds like the shakkuri sound! :D

Have you eaten till full today?
Chinese: 你今天吃飽了嗎?
English pronunciation:
ni jin tian chi bao le ma?

kayanon said...

Thank you, Soursop!

Fortunately, I can read the Chinese words since I have studied Chinese for 2 years in my collage.

I surly will try this when I get Shakkuri!

soursop said...

cool! ^^

Desuxis said...

In spanish is called "Hipo" (イポ). And you can stop the Shakkuri by drinking some lemon juice. It's very fast xD