Monday, September 11, 2006

Japanese Won Air Guitar World Championship 2006

On September 8th (9th in Japan time), Ochi in Japan won at Air Guitar world championship in Oulu, Finland at the fist time. This is the first brilliant achievement in Japan and Asia.

In the Air Guitar contest, 13 countries participated (Australia, Austria, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, the United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and the Great Britain), and Ochi qualified for the next round as 1st. Ochi played “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by JET for a minute wearing sultry sweater and sunglasses which reminds Japanese people of old fashioned guy in Japan. He performed powerfully on the stage with his dynamic body, and an audience commented s/he could see even a guitar was broken. Judges spoke very highly of his simple and traditional guitarring. Ochi received transparent guitar called “flying Finn” and an amplifier from Brian May, Queen Guitarist.

Air guitar is a performance how people play fictional guitar splendidly. Ochi started playing air guitar a month before. He took part in Japan contest with half joking, but he passed it and became a Japanese representative.

When I heard this news on TV, I couldn’t believe it because Ochi is a comedian in Japan. He plays manzai with a partner, and the duo is called Dainoji.

Air Guitar is now well-know and popular performance in Japan. It doesn’t need expensive guitar and an amplifier; you just need music and heart to rock on. This developped into not only guitar but also piano, drams, saxophone base and even vocal! I have seen some bands without instruments playing music like air guitar. I don’t have courage to try air guitar but still fun to see people playing.

Here is Ochi performance at Finland. (thank you, soursop!)
Here is Air band by Japanese top idol group, Arashi.

I should have introduced about Takeshi Kongouchi as well. He is No.4 air guitar player in the world who spread air guitar in Japan by performing on TV. He even released a CD. I like his performance too.

Here is information for people who want to master air guitar.
Air guitar text book
Air guitar DVD


soursop said...

wow this is the first time i've heard of "air guitar", let alone the world championship!! so interesting..!
is it popular in japan?

i wonder how the air guitarists perform... do they sing themselves while performing? or just act up while a background guitar music is on?

soursop said...

hey... found Ochi's performance in the competition in YouTube

indeed, very fun & impressive :D
thanks for introducing us air guitar, kayanon! ^^

Ragge said...

Haha, air guitar is fun! :-D But must be a challage to do it infront of thousands of people...

Anyone tried the game called "Guitar hero"?

キノっち(ryohei) said...

That's nice, but I had not known yet until you wrote this article.
It is beause I have not gotten this news on TV yet. Where did you get this news??(^0^)
Anyway, I knew about Air Guitar.
Moreover, it is known to some people about another perfomance such as Air voice, isn't it.
I think it is fun to see those people playing, too.

Pierre-Yann said...

This is fun! In fact, it just a step further than most "real" group do for most presentation (play back).

I didn't know air guitar, but I think it's lot more interessant to watch than a normal play back. For TV show (generally not live), it will be more fun if the artists do air performance, instead of stupid performance (like the Yatta band)

スロ / Bernat said...

Wow! Japan is champion again :D

kayanon said...


Thank you for letting me know the video! I put the address and another video of air band on my blog. Thank you!


I don't know the name, but I know there are guitar game. I do play the guitar, but never tried it before. Have you?


I knew thie news on TV yesterday morning. I actually saw the news quite a lot. I already put air band performance on my blog. You may have seen it before.

kayanon said...


What is Yatta band??


This is the first achevement for Japan and even Asia!

Kuntry Konfession said...

hahahaha! that was great! and i'm glad you have the site on, so i could enjoy it! didn't know they compete air guitare...i'm now gonna encourage me friends to try! hehehehe!
ps...thanks for the fixed my site, kanyanon!

kayanon said...

kuntry konfession>

Oh, nice! You could fix your site! yeah, please spread to your friends, and enjoy watching them!

Pierre-Yann said...

Yatta is in fact a song.
Because of things like this, people here think that Japanese are crazy people.

Kuntry Konfession said...

hahahah! yatta...thanks for that link. i think i want to see it. i like satirical humor. what is life without craziness? i'd be crying all the time.
thanks pierre-yann.
thanks kanyanon.

Ragge said...

No, I haven't tried the air guitar game before, have only been told by people I know that it is good fun.

rudey said...

I liked his sweater. Very "oyaji" (?)

I especially liked the "air band". I think I'll just do my performances at home, with the cat, while my husband's out. ^__^

kayanon said...

Oh, I know them. Are they famous in France? They just released one song, didn't they?

kuntry konfession>
Exactly. There are various people living on the earth!

I have tried dance dance revolution. It was big hit in Japan.

Yeah, he looked very oyaji. Haha, I am sure you will be into performancing air band in your house!

Pierre-Yann said...

Can't say that Yatta is famous in France, but as it was very funny, lot of people know it.

I know someone who buy the Yatta DVD, and I watched it:
-Yatta in concert
-movie clip of Yatta (walking in the street, being slapped by women...ridiculous)
-revisited version of a scene of Titanic (was for TV show I think).

I never tried real DDR (just one small game "Hello Kitty" DDR, and GTA San Andreas), but in my old school, it was a sort of club of DDR. Japan has still DDR? With some song of Lee Jung Hyun? (I like a lot her music)

kayanon said...


Hum, you seem to like Yatta anyway because you know them better than me!

I don't see DDR in game centers in Japan. However, when I went to Universal Studio in LA last year, I found DDR and people enjoyed the game a lot.

I liked a song with something butterfly and samurai?? I don't remember the title...

soursop said...

oh! the song title is "Butterfly"...sung by a Swedi duo group called ""! i sang the song before, and remember the song's dance step too! it's definitely the most famous song for DDR, isn't it! :D

kayanon said...


Oh, thank you! "ai ai ya ~ brabra samurai" right? Yeah, yeah it is famous song in DDR.

Rebelde said...

I knew about Air Guitar... I actually practice a little bit when I'm home alone and feeling silly or excited, but I didn't know there is such thing as a World Championship. it looks like a lot of fun

kayanon said...

thank you for your comment, rebelde!

Yeah, i think it's very exciting music and sports! I wonder womam ever join this contest.