Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shinzo Abe = New Prime Minister in Japan

The Chief Cabinet Secretary, Shinzo Abe was elected for the Liberal Democratic Party President on September 19th. He competed with 2 rivals; Taro Asou, Foreign Minister and Sadakazu Tanigaki, the Minister of Finance. Shinzo is not prime minister of Japan yet, but it is certain that he will be top leader of Japan at extraordinary diet session on 26th which has a final election for him.

Now, Shinzo became the minimus Liberal Democratic Party President in Japanese history at 51 years old. Today, September 20th is his birthday, so he turned 52 years old now. Besides, he is the first LDP President who was born after World War Ⅱ.

It was no wonder for Japanese people that Shinzo was elected because of full popularity. This is not known well in Japan, but Shinzo is what is called “sarabret of political world”

There are so many outstanding relatives in his family tree. Starting with Toshimichi Okubo who appears on Japanese textbook, there are Shigeru Yoshida who was 45th-51st Prime Minister, Nobusuke Kishi who was also 56th and 57th Prime Minister, Eisaku Sato who was 61st-63rd prime minister and other relatives who were politicians.

Especially, Eisaku Sato corresponds to the great-uncle for Shinzo, Kishi Nobusuke is Shinzo’s grand father, and his father was also a politician.

Moreover, Taro Asou who was a rival of Shinzo at party race has Shigeru Yoshida as his grand father. It is getting confusing, but this means that Shinzo and Asou are relatives.

Anyway, new leader was born in Japan. I hope he will demonstrate his skill without reverse for “beautiful Japan”


Pierre-Yann said...

For what I readed on the net (essentially BBC articles), Abe, like Koizumi, is on the right, with a lot of nationalist idea. Generally, they are presented as the bad guys.

Is it really some pro nationalist, or just some economic need (gaz and petrol disputed with China and Korea, good fishing area disputed with Russia)?

Nationalisme ideas are not well welcome in Europe, and with a lot of links across countries (like France-Germany), the only nationalisme that still exist maybe the idea of West-Europe (no east europe, no africa...)

On the other side, Japan is apparently ever doing what does USA.

Ragge said...

Congratz with the Prime minister :-)
Hope he'll bring good times for Japan.

kayanon said...


Foreign media especially broadcast abe focusing on the riht wing. In my opinion, Koizumi in on the right, but don't know well about abe so far. He will show his true figure gradually,,,

kayanon said...


Yeah, citizens just hope better life and better time. (no more taxation please...)

Ragge said...

Yeah, less tax and more spare time would be nice :-)

kayanon said...


People in the world hope similar things^^ How rate is the consumption tax in Norway, by the way?

Melissa Lieb said...

Wondering if you are related to the Abe and Sato family? Saw this post and am looking for more information on the Sato side.