Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bangaku –Subtle and Profound Dancing-

There was Koyo Matsuri (autumn leaves festival) at Hottai waterfall. It was fortunate with the weather, and people enjoyed warm colors of mountains.

At the festival, I watched Bangaku(番楽) for the first time. Bangaku is a sort of Kagura; song and dancing at shrines celebrating Shinto gods, which is performed in autumn in both Akita and Yamagata prefecture. It leaves the old way of Noh.

Especially, Bangaku in my hometown is called “Honkai Bangaku” including 13 groups. This has being inherited since Edo period. Bangaku is performed at Obon (the Festival of the Dead), Shrine festival, autumn festival etc to pray for good health and the well-being of one’s family. Here is one of famous Honakai Bangaku performed by a 9 years old boy.

This is other performance of Bangaku with 2 men.


Tony said...

Beautiful waterfall and the trees this time of year look wonderful

kayanon said...

thank you for your comment, tony! Exactly, trees are getting become more colourful in this time.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Autumn is a beautiful season. So many colours everywhere. I think it's one of the prettiest! What's your favourite season?

Pierre-Yann said...

Nice shots! The second one is fun, I think. And it also very clear water.

What always puzzle me in picture of Japan like the first one, is that it's only natural environement, untouched by men. That's a rare thing to see in France, even with only 1/3 of population density of Japan!

kayanon said...


Yes, it was great scenery!


My favorite season is spring and autumn. I don't like extrem weather, like too hot or too cold. Besides, I feel exciting when warm spring comes after long cold winter.


Thank you. Too many peaple gather in big cities, and leave their beautiful hometown seaching for convinient life or good job. I hope I can lead life in my hometown when I become older.

soursop said...

nice scenery, especially the colorful waterfall's surrounding!
i imagine their colors are changing along the season's change, don't they?

and the shadow of bridge and human upon the water...the sun must have shone so intensely at that time that this scene is possible??

great pictures, thanks kayanon!

Kuntry Konfession said...

ahhhh....too beautiful!

kayanon said...


Mountains change dramatically along the season's cahnge as you said.

Yes, I took the shadow picture in the morning when sun is shining at the angle. Humans on the photo is my mom and me, actually.


Thank you! Did you see the video??

Rabbit hole said...


Rob said...

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!! ^^v

Thank you for posting up some Kagura videos! I consider myself to be Shinto...but there are no shrines or matsuri around here at all so I need things like this ^^

The pictures are great also!

kayanon said...

rabbit holeさんコメントありがとうございます。私もこのとき初めて番楽を見たんです。客観視点で物事を見つめるのも面白いものです。


Douitashimashite! My family belongs to Shinto, but it is only fact, I had never seen the Bangaku till I went to the festival ^^;

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kayanon said...