Monday, October 02, 2006

Image Song Boom in Japan

From old times, any groups like to have their image songs in Japan. The groups can be school, prefecture, club and even company. I can sing 6 image songs for elementary school, junior high school (2 songs), high school, junior collage and town. While students belong to school, they sing school songs frequently as they have ceremonies and something important meetings.

People in Japan value image songs a lot. Singing the same song with everybody has effect to make people feel united and stimulate them to work on their aims. Whenever people make groups, they make their image songs which are becoming small boom now. I see many subscriptions for new image songs, and the prize money is always high like hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My father who is an amateur composer has composed several image songs for nursery school, elementary school, city, town, village, magician, road race, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, commercial, and radio station. Some of them were ordered and others were elected at contests.

My father’s first elected image song, “Nangai no Ao” was for a small village, Nangai, Akita. That was more than 10 years ago. Time has passed, and the village was merged with several towns and cities last year, and became big 1 city, Daisen.

Yesterday, there was 1-year ceremony since the city is made. That was to announce citizens new image song for the city. In addition to the new song, 8 municipalities show their old image songs to look back over what they like. Since my father composed image song for Nangai, he had got pone call from the village and asked to stand the stage. Since the song is the key of women, I was somehow decided to sing the song in public.

I was so upset that I was shaking all the time because it was my fist time to sing a song alone in front of people. Besides, audience there included assembly members and many citizens. I felt so much pressure because I had to undertake a small village instead of them even though I am from another town. I don’t know whether I did well or not, but audiences gave me big applause to me.


soursop said...

Congratulation on your performance, kayanon! Your father must be proud that you sang his song in front of public, and you too must be proud of your father composing the image song! ^^
I wish to listen to your singing the song one day..!

Is the song you sang the song played on your father's website? I like the song! The singer's voice is lovely too!!

Amine said...

Congratz Mayuko-chan :) The song sounds great :) is it u singing? or someone else? really nice song:) your dad is a great musician :)

sgfriends said...

Scotty support kayanon song!! i love it.:D

kayanon said...


Yeah, I proud of my dad a lot, and appriciate to have such a experience.

The song on my dad's site is not my voice. Yeah, she has pretty voice, I think.

I thought I put my singing video which my mom took, but It is too embarrasing to show people here. Maybe, someday!

kayanon said...


Thank you, amine. You can listen to my dad's song on my blog. Find WMP and click it!

kayanon said...


Thank you very much!

Kuntry Konfession said...

kayanon! that is VERY takes a lot to be able to do that...personally, i would've thrown up on stage then evaporated in THAT would've been bad.
so good on you! (applause! applause!)

kayanon said...

kuntry konfesstion>

I am brave or just didn't know what will happen! Even though I had no trouble in practice, my voice turned really dried, and shaking! It was such a nice experience, but want to avoid next time...haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so cool!
Come on, put the recording on your blog ;-)

kayanon said...


I want to, but it's so embarassing for me! Probably, next time when I sing!