Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tazawako -Deepest Love-

Last weekend, I went to Tazawako, Akita with my girl friends. Tazawako is a blue sky lake which is a typical crater lake and runs as deed as 423 meters, which is the deepest lake in Japan. Thinking about Tokyo tower, it has 333 meters heights, so Tazawako can hide it easily. Tazawako shows different faces seasonally which is absolutely beautiful. Here is a picture of the lake with my friends. It is pity that I couldn’t take nice photos of lake because of cloudy. You can see great photos of Tazawako from here.

There is a lovely ancient tradition about Tazawako. A young man, Hachiroutaro who was the guardian spirit of Hachirogata which was the biggest lake in Akita (now it is not a lake but reclaimed land) fell in love with the guardian spirit of Tazawako, named Tatsuko. It is said that feeling of Hachiroutaro and Tatusko deepened Tazawako and the lake is never frozen.

In the first place, before Tatsuko became the guardian spirit of Tazawako, she was a beautiful woman lived with her mother. Tatsuko started to think she wants to keep her beauty forever, and she went to a mountain with 3 girl friends searching for a miraculous fountain. Tatsuko and her friends grilled fish for them from river, but Tatsuko had all 3 fish because she couldn’t help eating them all. Then, she felt really thirsty and found the miraculous fountain on the way she was searching for water. Tatsuko kept drinking the water and suddenly became a dragon, and the guardian spirit of Tazawako.

The dragon, Tatuko can be seen as a bronze statue. Tourists surely take photos with the bronze statue as their memory. As soon as my friends and I get to the place of Tatsuko bronze statue, we took some photos with her.

There is an Ukigi shrine next to Tatsuko bronze statue. You can buy several charms there; most of them are about love relating to Tatsuko and Hachiroutaro’s story. My friends and I tried a lot to tell one’s fortune. Only I got Daikichi which is the best lot.

At Ukigi shrine, you can buy food for fish in Tazawako. You just stand the shore and through food to the lake, and massive of daces appear. This is one of other fun in Tazawako.

At the opposite side of Tatsuko bronze statue, people can take a sightseeing boat. It takes about 40 minutes for going around the lake. The best season for a sightseeing boat is May with new green leaves or end of October with red and yellow leaves.


Amine said...


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Rob said...

ahh ^^ Sugooooi ne. Thanks for telling us about your trip! It looks like a lot of fun! Now I must go there when ever I get to Japan. ;_; I want to go right now.

Minty said...

I love hearing about Japanese legends. I hope I can someday visit Tazawako.
Haha, your friend is standing in the same pose as the statue! Me and my friends always do that too.

スロ / Bernat said...

I'll go there! xD In December it'll be freezing cold. isn't it? xD

kayanon said...




kayanon said...


Yeah, please visit the place! I didn't explain about other places, but there are plenty of natural rivers and vallys. Tazawako is must-go place!

kayanon said...


>In December it'll be freezing cold. isn't it? xD

I guess so. but still beautiful to see in sunny days different aspect from summer.

kayanon said...


I forced my friend to pose that, she becically love to do strange things though^^ I liked the photo a lot cuz my friend pretends very naturally on the photo.

soursop said...

nice lake and statue! it looks very relaxing while enjoying the panorama there :D

just my curiosity, is the statue made of real bronze??

Pierre-Yann said...


of bronze?? for me it's covered with gold (or gold paint). Even brushed bronze is a lot darker, but in exterior, it's getting green


I think the pose of the statue is very strange. What's the meaning?

The lake seems to be quite big, no?
After looking at the photo link, I see that the level of the lake change in spring/summer. It still amaze me that you have higher water level in summer than in spring. Is the snow so hard to melt?

BTW, this photo is very nice

I see here a lot of nice spot, but didn't understand (my japanese is very bad)

kayanon said...


Yeah, the statue is made of bronze, and sprayed gold probably.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You said you got "Daikichi" when your fortune was read. What does that mean? Except that it is the best :-)
Have a nice weekend!

kayanon said...


Daikichi means big luck. There are Daikichi(big luck), Chukichi(middle), shoukichi(small), kichi(normal), kyou(bad luck), Daikyou(big bad luck), and Suekichi(small luck soon). So I got big luck!

Anonymous said...

Have you felt the luck yet? :-D

kayanon said...


Yeah, I passed important exam on the other day. I hope the luck will affect on the next exam.