Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New Japanese Monster –Daisuke Matsuzaka-

Japan Professional Baseball, Seibu Lions officially announced to accept a highest biding price for Daisuke Matsuzaka, 26 years old pitcher who will play baseball in Major League Baseball using posting system. The contract price as a transfer fee is 6 billion yen ($51.11 million), and the successful bidder was “Boston Red Sox”. The price is beyond Ichiro whose contact price was 1.4 billion yen ($13.12 million) in 2000.

Daisuke is a well-known pitcher since he is a high school student. He participated in Koshien which is all Japan baseball games for high schools, and he led his team to victory twice at Koshien. He attracted a great deal of attention as a “baseball monster”

In 1998, Daisuke entered Seibu Lions. His pitching is always incredible and he announced 155km/h at his first start.

People in the world maybe know Daisuke as an ace of Japan at World Baseball Classics in 2006. He was the pitcher with the 3 wins which was the greatest number at the game, and he was prized MVP.

In 2003, he got married to an announcer, Tomoyo Shibata. Tomoyo gave birth to a girl in 2005.

Everyday Medias broadcast this news in Japan since Daisuke announced to join MLB. I even cannot imagine and feel how much is 6 billion yen. Anyway, I hope Daisuke will be an iron-armed pitcher in the U.S, and be a monster like Godzilla Matsui.


Pierre-Yann said...

That's quite a lot of money! But I think the difference between Matsuzaka and Ichiro is logic, as Ichiro isn't a pitcher, and a pitcher can win a game.

And the Red Sox are a better team than the Mariners, no?

But I don't know a lot about baseball, not really common in France. So uncommon than the team of my city need to play in the German championship.

Rob said...

Isn't the 6 billion just to negotiate with him? That's what american reports are saying, that they payed that much just to talk to him.

Go Go Go Team Japan! ^^ *takes out paper fan with 'Determination to Win' in kanji on it* I was cheering for Japan all during the WBC! I never gave up on them. Even when they were on the verge of elimination and lost against Korea twice. Banzai!!! ^^v

Yes I really really love Japanese baseball! But getting footage is difficult WBC gave me a really good feeling.

I like Matsuzaka and his power, but I really really like Shunsuke Watanabe! ^^ He is the ultimate submarine style pitcher, no one else with that style get as low as he does, it's really fun to watch. I like all the Japanese players that play here in the MLB. My favorite closing pitcher is Akinori Otsuka. My favorite player is either So Taguchi or Hideki Matsui.

kayanon said...


I don't know which team is best for him, but I know Mariners is not strong team...

I know especially Japan and the U.S love baseball. Soccer is also popular sports in Japan, but I seldom watch it on TV.

kayanon said...


Red Sox that much money not to Matsuzaka but Seibu Lions. It is just a transfer fee, so Matsuzaka's annual salary and other money is separetely dicided later.

Yeah, it must be tough to get footage for Japan team in the U.S! About WBC, nobody expected the result. Everybody (probably in the world) thought American team would win.

I know Watanabe, I didn't know this whole name though. His pitching is very interesting.

When I was a kid, I was bored all time while my dad watches baseball game on TV. However, I somehow like baseball especially Koshien.

Dutch Baka said...

Hi kayanon (Mayu)

I like your blog! I found you on Jref last week, check my blog out if you have some time (it's also about Japan).

I wish him luck in the states, and that he can be a happy man there ( money isn't all), and that he can finally pitch against Ichiro!!

Rob said...

It's something about Japanese Baseball that draws you into the atmosphere. It's so different from here in the US. I've seen some footage of last year's championship run by Chiba Lotte and constant cheering right? Even during the bad stuff the fans are always cheering their team on. It's exactly how I am, I never stop ^^v

But US baseball they only really cheer their team off when they do something good...they boo when they do something bad.

So, that may be one reason why you're kind of into it now, or do you have your own idea of what your reasons are?

But I dunno...Japanese baseball is different somehow, beyond the atmosphere. I love it.

Jarad said...

I have been to a few Hanshin Tiger's games, and they are great! The atmosphere of baseball is really different between Japan and the US. In the US, people only cheer for star players, but in Japan (at least Hanshin Tiger's games) they cheer every player, every time.

kayanon said...

thank you for your comment, dutch baka!

I haven't figure out how I should use jref yet...I will see what I can do there.

It' more fun to have games Japanese vs Japanese! I am looking forword to watching Matsuzaka and Matsui game. At Koshien, Matsui was called "Kaibutsu" and Matsuzaka was called "Heisei no Kaibutsu"!

kayanon said...


That make sense, rob. Japanese funs are really devoted, and it is just like a mother who keep cheering even if a team is in bad or good condition.

One thing about fun I noticed is that Japanese fun likes to make noises during games but American fun does not so much. Funs cheering a team by singing songs together and it encourage fun or team to have a sense of solidarity. Is this make sense?

kayanon said...

Thank you for your comment, jarad. Yes, you get point. Hanshin fun is especially devoted fun among Japanese team. They live like just for Hanshin Tigers. Their hearts to Hanshin are incredible...

Rob said...

Yeah it makes a lot of sense and is how I am.

Oh and it's Fan and not Fun ^^v

kayanon said...


ha, thanks for letting me typo! If you find any grammar, spelling, and weired thing in my article, please let me know. I don't have a clue to make sure my writing so far...

Anonymous said...

Matsuzaka rules!
He is giving right now the press conference at Fenway Park. He is very cute. Boston's fans are the craziest fans, they gonna love him. Matsuzaka Mania started even before he landed at logan.
Go Matsuzaka!

Don said...

I have lived in Boston for my entire life. It is difficult to explain properly how intesely we love our Boston Red Sox. Even during the winter, when the rest of the country is focused on football, the sports news on television and in the newspapers are talking about the Boston Red Sox.

All of us here in Boston are very eager to see Daisuke pitch. I can't wait for opening day!