Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Akinomiya Hot Spring Town

The place is celebrated for the oldest hot springs in Akita, called Akinomiy Onsen-kyo(秋の宮温泉郷) close to my hometown. Whole town is very still, calm and good place to relax. 12 hotels wait for people from all over Japan.

I went Akinomiya and bathe in one Onsen there called Tarobei(太郎兵衛). The Onsen was small but has very relaxing water. The water was a little hot for me. It was like 42℃ or more, but there is no wonder because the temperature of source is over 70℃.

Luckily, there were no people when I bathe in, so I could stretch my body and didn’t need to be embarrassed at all. Most Onsen has effects for body, and the Onsen has effects of rheumatism, wounds, menopausal disorder and 6 more disease symptoms. I bathe there for 30 minutes, and it kept me sweat a lot after I got out of it.

The fee of Onsen is just 300 yen, but there is coolest and cheapest hot spring in Akitanomiya. That is Kawara-no-Yukko(川原の湯っこ) under a retro suspension bridge just next to a river! The fee is completely free, and only you need to do there is dig sand and adjust the temperature of water. There hot water is boiling in some spots, and anybody can bathe in free Onsen adding cold water from a river. Kindly, scoops are set beside the river, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it! Most people visit there from spring to autumn and make Ashiyu by themselves. It is great natural Onsen and you can enjoy taking a forest bath at the same time. Thanks to media, this place is so popular in Japan that people come here from all over Japan.


Anonymous said...

Is it a small onsen?

Anonymous said...

is it a steamy bath?

Tarí Alcarin said...

Hello, nice blog. Kisses from Chile.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that looks like fun. :) A bath in hot springs sounds really good right now! Nice pictures, too.

Anonymous said...

I see on the last photo that you have already snow! The temperature difference between air and the outside onsen must be very wide.

kayanon said...

Yea, we have already snow, but less than last year. Anyway, it's good for me to have warm winter.

Have you been to hot spring? Is there hot spring there?

tari alcarin>
thanks! hope you will visit here again.

yup, Onsen is very good for cold body, especially like me who is sensitive of cold.

Anonymous said...

no hot springs here in London, this one of yours sounds wonderful.. if ever i get to Japan this is on the visit list..

thanks for sharing with us


ross said...

I think we have some natural hot springs here, I have heard of some in the mountainous regions of Wyoming and Arkansas, if I am correct.

Saunas are very common here, which is the same idea of a hot steam bath, but are in man made buildings made for this purpose, such as in health clubs, gymnasiums, and even apartment buildings.

We also have some saunas here called bath houses, much like an onsen, which in america are predominantly gay.

kayanon said...

you are welcome! The place is in very mountain side, but very relaxing place far from busy cities.

I have heared there are some in north america. I want to try hot spring in other countries!

Do you like Sauna? I like taking hot bath but cannot go into Sauna. It has maybe a little different temperature but Japanese one is really hot! I even couldn't breathe...

ross said...

I did a little research on hot springs here in the u.s. and it seems there are many more than I was aware of. 23 of the 50 states here have at least some, and some states such as wyoming have several hundred. If you are interested in hot springs here, you might want to see this link:

Saunas are everywhere, there are some in my health club, and my previous apartment had one. Yes they get hot here as well, they are usually kept at 140 F degrees (60 C). Sometimes people make them even hotter by throwing water on the hot rocks for more steam!

fumiya said...

We have lot of oppotunities to bathe in Onsen, as living Japan.:)
Bathing is one of our customs, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

hehe, give me a break about american saunas.. :)

Normal temperature in a traditional finnish sauna is around 100-110 celsius (212-230)

60 celsius sounds like a bad joke..? :o

kayanon said...

Wow, there looks many hot spring in the U.S! It is nice to know that Japanese can bathe in Onsen in other country.

Yeah, I cannot toralte the heat of Sauna. I feel like I am steamed...

I agree with you. Bathing in hot water is one of your customs. At the begining of bathing history, bathing in hot water is to cure illness, and only Tonosama or other high level people were allowed to do that. that's what i knew on tv.

there are several kind of sauna in the world. and finnish one sounds really hot!

Anonymous said...


yes there are, and finnish one is the original one, we created sauna. :)

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