Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Abbreviated Words in Japanese

Japanese people like to shorten long words and say them simply. Those abbreviated words include many different things. For instance, nobody call “television” but “telebi” instead in Japan.

There are abbreviated words for electrical things

1.Digital camera....Dejikame(デジカメ)

2.Remote control…Remokon(リモコン)

3.Air conditioner…Eakon(エアコン)

4.Personal Computer…Pasokon(パソコン)

5.Keitai Denwa(Mobile phone)…Kêtai(ケータイ)


7.Floppy disk…Furoppî(フロッピー)

8.Word processor…Wâpuro(ワープロ)




PBY said...

Interesting. Are these words used in publication?

Strangely, some words are even more short in French:

4 PC
6 Net
10 moto

Fabi said...

Thats really interesting. In Germany, we have many long words, but also short ones.

Some of the words of your list in German:

Digital camera: Digitalkamera (or short: Digicam)

Remote control: Fernbedienung

Air conditionier: Klimaanlage

Personal Computer: PC / Computer

Mobile phone: Handy / Mobiltelefon

Internet: Internet

Floppy disk: Floppy / Diskette

Word Processor: Wortprozessor

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this list. It'll be very helpful for me!

I have a couple of questions:
Are these used by people of all ages, or is there a generational gap for some words?

Also, are these considered slang, or do teenagers/kids have other terms than these?

YUMII said...

Wow! I love this site! I wanted to learn Japanese. Hahas.
'watashiwa yumii desu'. Hahahas. xD

YUMII said...

By the way, can you link me? xp