Friday, February 09, 2007

I Can Hear You

As I mentioned at the last article, there will be National Sports Festival, Kokutai at Akita. To liven up the all year round festival, Kokutai association created its image song called, “make IT real”. You can hear the song from here (3rd WMP from the top).

Besides, to support the Kokutai, my father and his band, Hotline composed a song called,”Kikoeteruyo Kiminokoega” which means “I Can Hear You” This is not an official Kokutai image song, but has been spreading through the media ,and fortunately, its popularity is getting high in Akita. The article about the song was picked up at local papers, television, and radio.

A president of Akita biathlon association (the vice-president of all Japan biathlon association at the same time) saw one of the papers, and gets found of the song very much; therefore, the song became the official image song for Akita biathlon association. Since my hometown is the place for biathlon games, the song was broadcast all day long during the rehearsal competition. Now all people hope the song will be all Japan official biathlon song in the future. The song is free, so you can download it from the band official homepage if you are interested in.

There was a live concert to announce “I Can Hear You” at a pub. It was a great success, and all audiences were singing and dancing with the song. Here are some photos at the live. I joined the live as a chorus.

It would be great if the song spread throughout the world with this weblog.

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