Wednesday, February 07, 2007

National Sports Festival is Ready

The National Sports Festival is going to start from February 10th in Akita. This festival is annual and held in one prefecture. Games are held all over the prefecture making the most of its lands or places. The official name of the festival is Kokumin Taiiku Taikai(国民体育大会);however, it is shortened as Kokutai(国体) to call it easily.

The National Sports Festival has its original name every year for one prefecture. For instance, the festival in Hyogo last year was called, Nojigiku Kokutai. Nojigiku is prefectural flower in Hyogo. In Akita case, the name is Wakasugi Kokutai. Wagasugi means young Japanese cedars. Since Akita is famous for good quality of Japanese cedars, the word was used in the festival name.

In Kokutai, the association make various symbols. Sugicchi(スギッチ) is a mascot for Wakasugi Kokutai. As stated above, Akita Sugi(Japanese cedars) is popular in Japan, the association made use of Sugi in Sugicchi.

In winter time, Alpine events, Nordic events, and biathlon will be held first. My hometown is the place for biathlon (a sporting that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting). During biathlon games, there will be Kenji Ogiwara who was the Olympic skiing athlete, and now the vice-president of all Japan biathlon association.

I hope the biathlon game place will gather people from all over Japan, and have hotly contested games!


Ragge said...

Hey! You have biathlon in Yokohama? Cool, one of my favourite winter sports (to watch of course). Why aren't any Japanese skiers present in the biathlon world championship in Anterselva these days?
Have a nice day!

kayanon said...

Hi Ragge! Not in Yokohama but in Akita, my hometown. You mean why why Japanese particepate in the competition?

Ragge said...

Yeah, can't remember seeing any Japanese competitors in the reacent world championships in Germany :-)