Friday, February 02, 2007

One Touch!

Experimentation is put into operation in Narita air port. To make departure formalities electronize, the novel system is used at Narita since January 30th.

All travelers have to do is to hold IC tip which records face photo and other information, and both right and left forefinger over an automatic gate. Then, registered information and the information is compared, and departure formalities are completed.

The experimentation is practiced by March 23rd at JAL and ANA for people who use mileage fliers program and who want to use the system.

The system will be to put into full-scale operation at Narita since November.

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Pierre-Yann said...

That's an interesting system. But I don't think that such system, with so much registered data, will be possible here, in Europe. People don't want that personal data are registered, especially for finger print.
This concern is also common in Japan?