Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine and Chocolate Tendency

How will you spend February 14th this year? Needless to say, February 14th is St. Valentine’s Day in the world. This is not of course original from Japanese culture, but the day is in fashion since 1958 in Japan, and she created new style of celebration in different way from other countries.

In western countries or others, people send a card or flowers to people they love or is attracted to on St. Valentine’s Day. In Japan, the day turns into the day for couples completely. On the day, girls present chocolate to their favorite men, and show their feeling how mush they love their men. The day is used to confess one’s love to someone as well.

There are actually two chocolates on St. Valentine’s Day in Japan. One is Honmei-choko(本命チョコ) which is for favorite man, of course only one man. Another is called Giri-choko(義理チョコ) that is for men friends, boss and colleagues in one’s office. I am not sure how to explain Giri, but it means like an obligation. To be sure, Honmei-choko is gorgeous and more expensive than Giri-choko, and Giri-choko should be small and reasonable price chocolate. Girls especially in school enjoy exchanging chocolates one another among girl friends in recent years.

Men in Japan are glad and sad by turns if chocolates they were presented by girls are Honmei-choko or Giri-choko on St. Valentine’s Day. Which chocolate do you want to get?


Anonymous said...

hi kayanon
From sgfriends.scotty sgfriends has tag your post. if you feel uncomfortable with it, pls let us know. btw i like to read your blog.. you rock...:)

ShennongShi said...

I never know that, I learnt something today from your Blog again!!!
Well Done.

Tony said...

Hi Kayanon
I got chos this year I guess they count as Honmei-choko(本命チョコ)as my wife treated me to them

kayanon said...


your welcome:) nice to here from you.

This year, i didnt make any kinds of choco...Happy valentine to you from Japan!

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