Saturday, March 31, 2007

Just One PASMO for Transfer

On March 18th, IC card ticket, PASMO which can be used at most trains; JR, private railroads, municipal trains, subway, and buses in Tokyo and seven neighboring prefectures started.

PASMO inserts IC chip, and you can charge money from 1,000 yen to 20,000 yen at ticket machine. The fare is deducted from automatically when you hold PASMO over the automatic ticket gate for trains or buses. You can use PASMO even in shops in the station yard as electronic money, such as eat Soba and buying drinks at vending machine by hold PASMO up over a reader.

The new transfer card system started with 27 railway companies and 32 buss companies. After April, the use of PASMO can be expanded into 30 railway companies and 76 buss companies.

In fact, there, Suica which has almost the same function with PASMO by JR already exist. So, you can use mutually both PASMO and Suica now. Besides, you can change your usual magnetic commuter card into PASMO.

I already have one PASMO for my commutation ticket. It is nice for me when I take it from my bag. I just hold card case PASMO inside over the reader, and I don’t need to stop in front of the reader to take one card. That’s what is good as IC card.


Rapsodia Antillana said...

I enjoy your blog thoroughly. Can you refer me to posts about public baths. My friend's mother has spoken so nostalgically about the ofuro when she was younger, how it used to be a family outing every evening in their small town. Even little ones were taken to ofuro. Do they still exist? If so, are they still as good?

Also, I love your Flickr slide show on your sidebar. Can you tell me how you put it there? I just opened a Flickr account. Thanks for any help.

アンド said...

Finally they have a card that can be used for train services!
It was such a bother to have to purchase different tickets especially when you have to change between the train companies to reach your destination.
Way to go PASMO!!

Fabi said...

Hi :-)
PASMO sounds interesting. In Germany, most tickets for trains and busses, are made of paper, so they don't have a chip or so. I think, it is still old-fashioned.

Here, in many big cities, you have one ticket and you can use it for Bus, Train, Tram, Subway and Lightrail without buy a new ticket.

For example, in my city, you can use Tram, Bus, Train and Lighrail (S-Bahn) for one hour for 1.80€ without buy a new ticket.

PBY said...

Is the PASMO available for short term users, like tourists for a week? Because buying ticket don't sound very easy for foreigner in Tokyo area.

kayanon said...

rapsodia antillana>

ok, i will write about public baths later. i actually have never been to public bath...

and thanks about my photos:)

kayanon said...

yeah, it is much easier and smoother when i need to transport. I love to use PASMO so much!

kayanon said...

ah, that's interesting similar to PASMO!

No more wonder when you transport in Japan with PASMO!

kayanon said...


Yeah, tourists of course can buy it. when you buy it, you charged 500 yen as a deposit. and if you want to finish using PASMO, you will get 500 yen back. So basically, term doesnt matter.