Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cherry-Blossom Viewing

On April 1st, my friend and I had Hanami at Ohoka River in Yokohama. Hanami(花見) is to enjoy full-blown Sakura(桜, cheery blossoms), specially people enjoy it under trees having lunch in daytime or even drinking.

The place, Ohkawa Promenade is very well-known spot of Sakura road whose length is about 1.7 km. Various kinds of street stalls ranged along the river, so people bought and eat food there surrounded by pink arcade.

Unbelievably, it was hot the day, and highest temperature was 25 degree. It was absolutely best day for Hanami in Kanto area. All Sakura were in full bloom and the beautiful appearances overwhelmed people as you can see from my photos.

More Photos

To all who read my blog

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