Thursday, May 03, 2007

Huge Monumental Image of Buddha in Kamakura

I bet people who are interested in Japan have heard of "Daibutsu in Nara(奈良の大仏)" prefecture which is the largest Daibutsu(大仏), monumental statue of Buddha in Japan. Then, do you know the second largest Daibutsu in Japan?

The Daibutsu meditates silently close to my living place, Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture. The name Daibutsu is commonly known by “Kawakura-no-Daibutsu(鎌倉の大仏)”, Buddha in Kamakura and also called “Hase-no-Daibutsu(長谷の大仏)” because the place the Daibutsu is in is Hase. This is designated a national treasure in Japan.

“Kawakura-no-Daibutsu” was constructed more than 700 years ago with funds from civil. At first, the construction started in 1238 and finished 1243, and the Daibutsu was wooden, so it was totally destroyed with a storm soon, in 1247. The Daibutsu was constructed again with bronze in 1252, and it completed in several years.

The Daibutsu has 11.39 meters high. It’s just amazing scenery that the calm Daibutsu sits there and closed eyes. I was kind of scared when I stated it because it overwhelmed people with its giant appearance and I felt like it is about to open eyes and even move. That much it looked alive.

There is an interesting option at Kamakura-no-Daibutsu. You can come into the Daibutsu inside! It is just 20 yen to enter. When I got in the Daibutsu, the skin was really warm, it is because bronze absorbs sunlight and gets warm inside. I didn’t take a shot of Daibutsu inside because I somehow felt it is not allowed to do that, especially like for holy thing or place, I am not a Buddhist though. So, please check out visiting there how is like the Daibutsu inside.


Amine said...

Hello :)
I think the 2nd biggest one is in Miyagi-ken (Sendai-shi) ne?
I took it in picture but still looking for them (><)

PBY said...

Strangely, I knew only the Kamakura Daibutsu, maybe because, as in open air, it's a lot visible and a lot photographed. From Nara, I only knew Todaiji, never see a photo of the statue.

Kamakura seems to be a nice place to visit, nice photos by the way.

What the meaning/reason of existence of the Buddha's slippers?